I love rainy days almost more than sunny ones, believe there's beauty in transparency, and feel pretty lost without my journal. I love all things polkadot, think everyday should involve ice cream, and am thankful every single day for a grace that's never ending. 

I was a college cheerleader pursuing Nursing & Pre-Med in East TN, when A Sweet Aroma was born. Maybe God knew I needed a creative outlet or maybe He was preparing the space to document the journey that only He could see coming. 

After months of feeling unsettled, in the summer of 2012 God clearly revealed what I needed to surrender..... my 10-year plan. Yes, I was THAT girl. The one with a 2, 5, 10, and 20 year plan. At that point in my life, I was fairly on track. 

Long story short in the Fall of 2012 instead of returning to my senior year, I withdrew from classes, quit the cheer squad, said goodbyes to my family and moved my Southern self to Delaware.
With my family in VA and the bulk of my friends in TN, I set out on an adventure that I could have never dreamed up. 

{for the long version check out: my initial surrender, discovering what was next, & the move}

Once in Delaware, I served as a ministry intern to LifeHouse Church plant and also nannied on the side. Never once, have I doubted I made the right move. From the time I arrived the Lord filled me and blessed me with opportunities my heart had been searching for all along. That next June (2013) when reconnecting with many of my friends that I hadn't seen in a year, I can remember telling them "I've had the best year of my life.

Little did I know what was right around the corner...

By the first week of July 2013, an even bigger adventure was starting to unfold. During the month of May and especially June, I had my eye on this Jeep-driving military man wearing a camo hat accented by a fish hook. Not had my eye on him as in crazy nuts about him... just in noticed when he entered a room, enjoyed his company, admired his humility kind of way. 

Long story short, on July 7th Joel asked to pursue me with the hope of making me his wife (and I questioned if he'd read my prayer journal). One month later on August 7th, he asked me to be his wife  (and "of course" was my response). Ten weeks later on October 26th, 2013, we became the Millers. 

{for the long version check out: The Miller Love Story, why said yes after only 1 month, and becoming WE}

Then came infertility. When we were only dating we discussed our convictions about children while sitting on that cute wooden bridge. We there decided that if we ever got married (which we did thankfully!) that we wouldn't hinder the number or timing of growing our family. With hopes of a large family (through adoption and conception), we excitedly expected to expand right away. 

But God, as He so often does, had different plans. We had no idea that infertility would be part of our story but it took us 19 long months to conceive our little guy. Even though we were in a season we would never have chosen, we knew God was using it. That didn't make the wait easy or painless but it did make it meaningful. 

Long story short, after 19 months our dreams and prayers became reality! 

{for the long version check out: my infertility page and our pregnancy announcement}

On December 26th, 2015 we welcomed our precious and joyful Levi Scott six weeks before his due date. After a couple weeks in the NICU, we brought him home and have been eating up from the moment we laid eyes on him. We are so thankful to God for our precious son. He is spunky and cheerful and so so cuddly. 

You can read more about Levi here. 

So where does A Sweet Aroma play into all of this? I started A Sweet Aroma as a random site to simply process what God was teaching me. It quickly transitioned to a place for me to update those that were following along with my journey to Delaware. It's been my writing space through our whirlwind romance, infertility struggle, and now the chronicles of motherhood. It's constantly changing as our lives, but my heart is to share the good, bad, and glory of God through each and every season. 

In Fall of 2016, I launch A Sweet Aroma Photography with a heart to capture the beautiful details of the unique seasons of life for those around me. I love photos that are so real they almost hurt. The photos that you'll look back at in 10 years and break over how much you miss this season. 

For my blog on why the name A Sweet Aroma visit here

Thanks for stopping by to get the backstory!! I hope you'll stick around awhile! 



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