Hello again Two Week Wait

Hello again two week wait,

I know I know, I've been trying to ignore you.
I've been trying to "not think about" that this just might be our month. 
I've putting away the many thoughts screaming There could be a baby inside you!

But in my defense...  you're exhausting.

I'm still holding to hope that this time you'll bring a different outcome....

but I do NOT want to be fooled AGAIN
by you sending silly ambiguous symptoms
or you deciding you want to hang around for 3.5 weeks instead of 2. 
Nearly every month trick me somehow...
are not 2 weeks long enough?

So the longer I put off counting down days and looking at the calendar...
the longer I can pretend that we are friends.
The longer I can ignore that my heart is torn...
pounding with the excitement of what your conclusion could indicate...
breaking with disappointment that you might bring if you conclude like all the times before. 

So this is me recognizing you.
Putting myself out on the ledge.

I know, I know, you're not to blame if you let me down....
but lets not consider that possibility right now. 
Let a girl dream would you?

I acknowledged you okay.

Now I am going to go dream about having a July baby.
Dream about the look on Husband's face knowing he'd be a daddy.
Dream about our hypothetical announcement to our families, friends, and Facebook.

I'm hoping this will be our last encounter for awhile. 

I'll touch base with you later.

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