3 Reasons I LOVE traveling with my Husband

This Thanksgiving Husband and I are traveling to California to spend some time with his family. I am super excited for so many reasons... spending time with my in-laws, meeting my brother-in-law's fiance, seeing California for the first time, and taking in a little warm weather. On top of all of those awesome things and so much more, I'm also so excited to travel with Husband!

Whether it's traveling to VA to spend time in my hometown, cruising to the Bahamas, or visiting family for the holidays, I LOVE getting away with Joel!

Why, you ask?

1. Getting away from the day to day!
Anytime we can break the mold of the same ole routine, it makes us take a deep breath and feel rejuvenated. Sometimes you just need a change of pace.... TOGETHER.

2.  Enjoying the journey from place to place!
Sometimes we spend the time jamming to music, listening to a podcast, competing at Sudoku puzzles, or having random conversations that only come after 4 hours of travel. No matter what we're doing, I'm happy to have that time just us (and sometimes the 100+ people in the airport) to simply hang out.

3. Making memories together!
This is by far my favorite reason. As a couple who didn't have long relationship pre-marriage and has only been married for a year, most of our memories in life were before each other. While those are great and it's nice to share those stories with each other, I so deeply treasure the new memories we make together. When we get to have new adventures and fun experiences it brings us closer and gives us times to reflect on from years to come!

So what about you? 
What's your next trip coming up? 
What reasons do you love to travel with your spouse?!

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  1. My next trip coming up will be my honeymoon! Tyler and I will be roadtripping from Wisconsin to Arkansas to spend a week in a treehouse. SO EXCITED!

  2. :) Yay for traveling together! I have some awesome memories of the 18 hour road trip we used to do to visit Angel's family--staying up all night and having really long conversations as we drove on deserted highways for hours. Definitely fun to travel with your spouse! We're going on a little trip for our 4th wedding anniversary this weekend!

  3. Loved this post!! I love trips with my husband as well. We have had some of our best talks in the car going from one place to another.


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