Why we shared our pregnancy at only 6 weeks

I've not been writing as much lately but it's not for lack of words. I'm blaming it on a combination of many extra naps, my recently developed short attention span, a new job I've been working with, and the irregular/lax schedule of Summer. (Mostly my attention span and naps ha.) 

This past Friday we said "Goodbye" to the 1st Trimester and "Hello!" to the 2nd! While I in no way want pregnancy to fly by, I also want to celebrate every milestone within it. I'm loving every single day of having this precious child inside of me. I count each one as a blessing. 

Last week my pregnancy apps (yes, I have 3 of them... don't judge me) started sharing with me articles about announcements (public & privately). I know this is the "standard" time to let out the news. It got me thinking about how different the last 7-8 weeks would have been had we waited until now to share our thrilling news! 

I know every situation is different and each family shares at the time that is best for them. This post is not at all to say sharing early is the "right" way for everyone, but it was what was best for us. So here is why we made our pregnancy public at only 6 weeks! 

1. Our journey has been an open book.
The most obvious reason is that with our friends, family and readers of this blog, we have been open in our journey. About a year ago I wrote the first post about our attempts to conceive. From then until we got our 2-lined stick many of you followed along. Hiding our good news until now would not have been possible even if we had wanted to ha (which we didn't).

2. Our baby was already a baby! 
Contradictory to current popular opinion, we believe life begins at conception! Before we ever got the glorious news, our baby's life had began. Babies are babies before their hearts start beating, they ever feel pain, or they ever take their first breath outside of mommy's tummy. 

3. There is no medical "safe place" in my mind.
While worry and fear have surprisingly not been major issues during this pregnancy, that has had nothing to do with statistics. Sure, the doctors shared that after seeing a heartbeat past 8 weeks, our chances of miscarriage went to 5% and I know that they drop even further after that 1st trimester mark. But reality is, there are too many people in my circle that have been in that 5%. Too many people for me to place my confidence in statistics. We aren't sitting around playing out worse case scenario because we know God is sovereign and whatever He wills for this child will be so. Statistics don't comfort me or daunt me. 

4. We wanted our baby to be celebrated every day possible! 
With #3 being stated, it's good to put out there that we are not blind to pregnancy loss. For many, they want to wait until their chances are as slim as possible before sharing in case of loss. For us though knowing that no tomorrow is promised for ANY of us made us even more want to celebrate. I've made it my goal to celebrate every day with this precious child and we wanted others in on the celebration.

5. More people knowing = more people praying.
We firmly believe in the power of prayer! So many of those who'd been praying we'd conceive then turned their prayers to Baby's development, my health, and our preparation as parents. Those prayers are such a huge blessing in our lives!

6. This victory is not just our own.
In all of our trying to conceive, the struggle was not just our own. Many followed us, go their hopes up with us, and felt disappoint with us month after month. Our struggle was not ours alone and neither were the prayers. Numerous people cried out on our behalf month after month. This miracle from God was not just our victory but also theirs. Not only that, but it's a victory for the one crying out to the same God to fill their womb! When we were trying for a baby, very few things excited me like hearing a fellow infertility sister was finally seeing the springtime! This victory is the waiting woman's as well.

So there you have it. This is why we began telling family and close friends within an hour of our bathroom praise session. This is why after taking a week to share with all our family, we made it known to everyone. This is why we shared our pregnancy at only 6 weeks! 

When did you share your big news? Why or why didn't you share early? I'd love to hear!
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  1. I love this! And especially #5! We did the same thing. We waited until around week 8 which is still early. I remember rejoicing when I read your announcment post and I don't even know you! :) please pray for my friend who is going through her 2nd miscarriage. They are desperately praying for a baby. We all are. And I know that's your heart so I know you'll pray too! God is good!


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