What can we actually do about abortion?

I was in 6th or 7th grade when I was first learned about abortion. News channels were gearing up for the 2004 election and I overheard the word. Even the sound of it was harsh... but I didn't yet know the meaning. My Pa had to explain an issue that I couldn't wrap my 12 year old brain around. I remember feeling disgusted, furious, and so so confused. Not long after that, a project came up at school where we had to do an educational poster on any major topic. Many did theirs on the dangers of smoking, safe driving, or a historical event. I felt compelled though to research and shed light on this practice that so consistently got me going. I remember even then finding the statistics heart-wrenching. I remember realizing that this wasn't really as rare as I'd hoped (over 1 million every year). I remember being even more devastated to find that over 90% of these were out of convenience.... not medical issues or rape incidents. I made that poster with heartbreak but I stood for life with pride. 

My age has doubled since that time. My life looks crazily different. My husband and I spent 19 months trying to gain the very gift so many were slaughtering. I bonded with many women who tried (and are still trying) for much longer than that. This Friday I will be 15 weeks along. I've watched our child grow from a tiny bean with a flickering heart to 3 inch miracle with a cute little nose, ribs and a spine, and fingers and toes that I can count.  I've started feeling sweet flutters and nudges in my womb and it's one of the most precious joys of all my life. All the while, I've been watching the devastating, heart-wrenching videos about Planned Parenthood. Abortion (lets just say it: murder of BABIES) is still something I can't wrap my head around. But I'm not 12 anymore, and while at that age a poster bringing awareness seemed like the best I could do, it just won't suffice at this point. 

So what am I doing? What can we as Christians and supporters of LIFE do? 

 Watch the videos & read the articles.
I want to make clear something right out the gate..... Abortion is wrong and cruel with or without the sell of tiny body parts for profit. That being said, I'm very glad the Center for Medical Progress is putting these out because they are shedding even more light on the process behind these murders and the lack of value for these sacred lives. They are producing conversations, raising awareness, and at least making some stir in Washington. So I'm asking you to watch them. Yes they are hard to view... my heart breaks and my stomach turns every time I sit through one but I think we need that visual. We as Americans have issues and topics and conversations thrown at us constantly and it's easy to turn a blind eye to issues not affecting us personally. 
We need to be disturbed. We need to be upset. We need to be aware.
(You can watch them here.)

Make abortion a conversation.
I know they are not easy to have. Every time I get ready to share something about it, I do so realizing that there are many in my social media circle who do not hold these beliefs. I recognize that social media is not always the best place for controversial conversations. It's why I've held off on expressing my opinions on many of the trending issues in the last 6 months (Gay marriage, Bruce Jenner, Josh Duggar, Etc.). It's not that I don't have opinions but I know that it's often times hard to clearly share your heart in words alone. But this is an issue I can not be quiet about. I'm not marching around trying to bash or condemn.... that's not my heart. My heart is that ALL LIVES MATTER... even those in the womb. My heart is that God has created every life for a purpose. I wouldn't sit back and be quiet if our country made it legal for Americans to kill any other group of innocent people and I won't be silent while those who don't have a voice are slaughtered and sold. 

Plead with your politicians. 
This link shares how to contact your legislators. My husband and I will both be writing letters. This is not a time to be hung up on Democrat/Republican stances. This is a time to stand up for the lives that can't stand up for themselves. Plead with them to defund Planned Parenthood. Plead with them to fight to ban abortions at all stages. Plead with them to value life... even in the womb. 

Pray for a miracle.
Last but most definitely not least, we need to PRAY. I'm not blind to congressional process nor do I think I'm asking for a simple wish. I know that what I'm pleading for and praying for will take a total act of God. So I'm asking Him to do the impossible because I believe nothing is impossible with Him. I'm asking Him to turn this nation into one that protects the lives of the precious children He has created. I'm asking you to do the same.

If you aren't pro-life and you've read this far, I want to say thank you. Thank you for being open-minded enough to hear my heart. But I also know that some of you are likely forming arguments in  your head against me... I know some of you would say "Easy for you to say, you got pregnant trying to. You were married and settled and ready. You weren't told your child had chromosomal disorders or that this pregnancy might kill you. You weren't raped by a stranger of even worse, a family member. Pregnancy was wished for and prayed for you by you. Easy for you to be pro-life." To all of that... you would be right. I haven't experienced any of those things... but I hold close to my heart people in my life who have experienced each of those. Loved ones who chose life even though they were pregnant in high school. Loved ones who carried children they knew might not make it or would live with disabilities. Loved ones who remained pregnant knowing that it was risky for them. Loved ones who got kicked out of their homes for not terminating their surprise pregnancies.... Each story is different, but each is purposeful. Each is life. I praise God they chose life in a world that makes death convenient. And that's really what most of abortions are about.... 90%+ out of convenience. Let's fight and pray to make abortion not convenient. To make it illegal. Let's fight and pray to hold life valuable at all stages of development... in all circumstances.

If you have suggestions you'd like to add, I'd love to hear them in the comments. 
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