One year flashback & 15 week update

A year ago today I was sitting on our living couch when the words poured out that had been building for weeks. I shared the answers to the many questions loved ones had been asking about plans for the future Miller babies. For the first time, I hit publish on a blog about the struggle we were having to conceive. 

(You can read it HERE.

I remember that it had been pressing on me to share and I remember the release that came after. 
I titled it "these are the days" as I talked about the days during the two week wait. 

Those were the days that I wondered when our time would ever come. 
Those were the days when faith was hard to come by and I had to fight to keep my hopes up. 
Those were the days when I pleaded for contentment no matter the outcome.
Those were the days that I knew could repeat themselves month after month or finally result in those desired 2 lines. 

But May's two week wait stretched into June and on June 4th we saw those 2 lines. 
Those precious 2 lines. They changed so much.

So these are the days.... 
The days when I feel so overwhelmed with joy that I randomly cry.
The days that I thank God over and over and over for this miracle.
The days that I cherish so so deeply.
The days that I want to go slow so I can breathe them in a little longer.

But those days before made these days so much sweeter.
Those days of longing make nausea exciting.
Those days of heartbreak make these moments extra precious.

And those days before make me not forget those still stuck in them.
Just know that. I don't forget and I won't stop praying for your miracles too.
These beautiful days I'm experiencing them, I long for you to experience them too. 

Here's whats been up during these days:

(My last baby update was at 10 weeks. You can find that HERE.)

Sweet Baby:

* is about the size of an avocado.
* has been moving like crazy every time we've seen.
* can now wiggle fingers and toes.
* has all major organs.
* has us still totally in love.
* is such a huge blessing. 


* is still quite in shock she's a mommy.
* loves having a distinct baby bump.
* wants to hug the creator of the pregnancy pillow.
* is so thankful for maternity clothes.
* is still craving pizza.... oh and chick-fil-a fries.
* is pretty much over nausea but still sleeps all the time.
* has started feeling the baby move and thinks it's the coolest experience ever!
* feels overwhelming blessed every single day.
* is so grateful for Baby and Daddy. 
* thanks God every day for little Sweets.


* is still spoiling Mommy with pizza.
* got us our new favorite place to sit.... the glider.
* is not as much in love with the pregnancy pillow. 
* had way too much fun starting the registry.
* is going to be such a fun and loving dad.
* has felt the baby move once!
* can't wait to feel the baby move daily.
* thanks God for sweets every day!


Time for my polling question again! 

After my most recent ultrasound we have a fairly confident guess of the gender! We are so excited but are choosing not to share totally publicly until confirmed at 20 weeks. (For those of you who we've chosen to share with, please do not give it away on here or Facebook please. - Thank you!) 

So my question is... how many weeks were you when you found out the gender and what were you having???

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