Getting married?... Thinking about it??

So I'm getting ready to start a new sermon/reading notebook and decided to look back through the old one before I put it on the shelf. I come across a section titled "Are you ready for forever?" from the book Boy Meets Girl by Joshua Harris. (Which I totally recommend for those in relationships and I Kissed Dating Goodbye for singles). Anyways, I have several friends getting married/engaged and thinking about marriage during this time so I thought I would share these questions from this book. Thought they were great for Christians seeking the Lord's Will in marriage :)

1. Is your relationship centered on God and His glory?
2. Are you growing in frienship, communication, fellowship, & romance?
3. Are you clear on you Bibical roles as man and woman?
4. Are other people supportive of your relationship?
5. Is sexual desire playing too big (or too small) of a part in your decision?
6. Do you have a track record of solving problems Bibically?
7. Are you heading in the same direction in life?
8. Have you taken into account any cultural differences you have?
9. Do either of you have complicating entaglements from past marriages or relationships?
10. Do you want to marry this person?

Just thought these were good to share! God Bless :)



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