Sit and Enjoy

What a great time of year it is... having parties, giving gifts, singing carols, making candy, decorating trees, seeing loved ones... The goodness goes on and on. Let's be honest though, most of us probably spend more time being busy and trying to get things done than we actually spend enjoying it. It's a mad rush to get all the presents bought, wrapped, and under the tree, visit families and friends, get Christmas cards out, decorations up, dinner on the table... and then, (sigh) it's over. While yes we're sad that the excitement is over, there's also this sigh of relief... that our lists were all completed and once again procrastination didn't totally get the best of us. And there's hope... that maybe just maybe life will calm back down. The truth is in all of this we often miss the joy and the meaning. There were surely moments where the magic of the Christmas season was all you could breathe in and I'm sure you read "remember the reason for the season" over and over. Most of us would agree that we know what Christmas is all about and we try to think on that as much as possible during the season, but what many of you probably missed and I what I missed was simply sitting and enjoying. Sitting in the presence of Jesus and enjoying that He is with me. Sitting in the company of loved ones and enjoying the blessing they are.
So now what? Christmas is over. Another whole year before it all takes place again. What happens now? I'm going to choose to SIT and ENJOY.
I'm going to spend time the next few days here in the mountains sitting and enjoying time with friends that I haven't seen in awhile. I'm going to sit and enjoy being with my family and being totally unproductive. But more than that, I want to sit and enjoy Jesus. I want to have a quiet time without looking at the clock. I want to seek the face of the Jesus without being distracted by the busyness of life. Maybe it seems like I'm 2 weeks too late. Maybe I should have spent some extra time enjoying the Lord before Christmas, in preparation for the celebration. But maybe it doesn't matter. Maybe God just wants us, our whole heart, our undivided devotion, our undistracted mind. Maybe the best birthday gift we could give Jesus these next few days is to sit and enjoy. Sit and enjoy Him. Sit and enjoy our family. Sit and enjoy the gift of life.
I had many thoughts running through my head of what I wanted to share in the blog, because in busyness I have failed to write as much as I'd like. As I gathered my thoughts, I made a page full of things I wanted to include. When I actually started typing, all I could think was sit and enjoy. So while this blog seems short with a very simple concept, I hope that somehow it will encourage you to sit and enjoy the important people in life and most of to sit and enjoy the Savior in life! Merry Christmas!

"O God, You are my God; earnestly I seek You; my soul thirsts for You; my flesh faints for You, as in a dry and wearly land where there is no water." - Psalm 63.1



  1. Sit and enjoy - great words of wisdom! Thanks. We all need to be reminded to just sit and enjoy time with our Lord and Savior. We are never disappointed when we do, but we always seem to find other things to occupy our time.

  2. Wonderful post! Thanks for the reminder I need to sit and enjoy!


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