Monday Memories: Meeting Momma Miller

Happy Monday everyone!
This site my thoughts call home keeps growing and I'm so thrilled to hear from more readers! Some of you I've known for years, some met briefly along the way, and some I've never had the chance to meet at all. In light of this it's time for some new additions to this place. 
Up until now I've mainly shared updates about life and what God is teaching me with each journey. It's really my favorite thing to share with you. While that will continue and still be the highlight around here, I wanted to create some ways that you can get to a little more about the girl behind the posts. One of those ways will be launched in a couple of weeks, but the first starts today! 

I love to take a walk down Memory Lane. I love to reflect on great moments, hilarious stories, and the best days of my life. Which leads me to my new blog segment... Monday Memories. Every other Monday I will be sharing a memory! I hope they make you laugh, cry, smile, and remember some of your favorite moments! Let's get to walking.

The last week or so Momma Miller (Joel's mom) was in town. She comes out here every year for a family reunion in PA and this time we got to steal her to ourselves for a few days. Getting to spend some quality time with her brought back the memories of the first time we were introduced. 

I'll attempt to set the stage for you.... 
It was September... we were getting married in October.
Enough said, right? 

If you read our love story, you know that things moved pretty quickly. Though we were friends first, I said yes to a proposal after only a month. Then we set the date for 2.5 months later.
Joel met most of my family the weekend after our engagement (they are about a 10hr car ride away). However, most of his immediate family lives in California (not exactly a car ride away ha).

So all of this leads me to that lovely day in September. It was the Rohr family reunion and I would finally be meeting the other Mom in my life. I was SO nervous. Sweaty palms. Churning stomach. Nervous. If you know me much at all, you know that I'm very outgoing and usually am thrilled to meet new people. I'm not ordinarily concerned about being perfectly dressed and impressing people. I'm just me, you either like me or not.

But this was my mother-in-law. The woman I would be sharing holidays with, having her grandkids, and more urgently marrying her son. You hear all of these crazy stories about mother-in-laws. You will never be good enough for their babies. They will constantly critique your marriage, parenting, and every move. They will see you as a threat instead of an addition. They are the worst part of marriage. Of course now I see that all of that is not the case, or at least in my situation, but then... I had no idea what to expect. 
What was sad is honestly, I wouldn't have blamed her for being like that. Here I was, some girl she'd never met, marrying her son. You better believe if we had a son and he called to tell us he was getting married to a girl we hadn't yet met, I would be concerned. I would be trying my hardest to figure out why this was happening and who this girl was.

That morning, I questioned everything I would usually do out of habit. The thoughts in my head went something like this:
What should I wear? I don't want to be too dressed up and her think I'm trying to be the center of attention. I don't want to look like a bum either.... Some family reunions consist of ladies in long dresses and wide-brimmed hats. I'll call Joel, see what he's wearing. Shorts and a t-shirt? That really helps.... not. Why did I even ask. I'll keep it simple, capri's and a cute top. Should I wear a bow in my hair? I know I usually would with this top but what if she thinks bows are childish. It doesn't help that I'm only 4'11", I dont' want her thinking I'm 18. Is this too much make-up? I don't want to look drab but I don't want her to think I'm a make-up queen. 

You get the idea... I questioned it all, from my hair to my shoes, to how much I should talk. 
I finally decided I would just be my normal and pray... 
Joel told me it would be great. He was certain we would get along. He knew she would love me. She wouldn't be picking me apart. He insisted we were somewhat alike. 
But seriously how could I know for sure... His view must be a little distorted. 
A. It was his mother! You know the one who changed his diapers, fixed his meals, and homeschooled him day after day.
B. He's not a woman... enough said.

After the 2 hour drive we reached the picnic, but she still hadn't made it. Great... more waiting. 
When she arrives, she's on the back of her dad's motorcycle, in jeans and a t-shirt (shew glad I didn't go with the sundress). Before the word "hello" is out of my mouth, she had me wrapped up in hug... now that's speaking my language. To top it off... she's about my height! I have to say even a year later she's never made me feel as though she were judging me, that I'm not good enough for her son, or that I'm not part of the family. 
She's so kind, loving, funny and thoughtful. She even thought to bring a photo album of Joel as a kid to the reunion for me to "know what my sons would like." Here's my favorite....

I approached this year's reunion totally different. I went excited to see her for the first time since the wedding and thrilled that we would be bringing her home for a few days! Against the cultural norm, Joel's family are some of my favorite people. They treat me in the way I hope to one day treat our children's spouses. For that, I'm very thankful. 

 Don't worry... I'm sure I'm partial, but Joel's not hurting in the in-law department either. My mom frequently is asking "how is my sweet Joel?" ... Sometimes I think she likes him more than me! Ha! That's okay... I dont' blame her. 

I hope you've enjoyed my first Monday Memories!
Anyone have a good in-law introduction story??



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