A glimpse into our anniversary cruise

 If you missed the last Monday Memories post, this is a place where I'm going to share memories every othere Monday to give you a glimpse into some of my most favorite or funny memories! Last Monday Husband and I left on our anniversary trip.
 I'm sad and have post vacation blues like never before. Our trip was so perfect and so stress-free I had a hard time coming home. In the end we were super blessed to be able to go and so thankful for some time away together! Here's our trip in a nutshell and some of our favorite memories made: 

 We got up early to catch our flight. After arriving in Orlando, getting Joel his pumpkin spice latte, and hopping on our shuttle we finally arrived at the lovely Enchantment of the Seas! This is the same ship we went on for our honeymoon so getting there was like coming home. She's pretty wonderful.

We really took Monday in just to enjoy being back on the ship. We relaxed by the pool, had a lovely dinner, and soaked in having the week ahead of us. 

Tuesday morning we got up early and were on the first small boat over to Coco Cay! Last year we were exhausted and slept in and missed out on a lot of island time. This time Joel requested we be on the first boat over... we made it happen!

Coco Cay is Royal Caribbean's private island. It's full of beautiful views, fun activities and lots of clear water to play in. To top it off, it's set up just for the people on your ship so lunch is free and there are RC beach chairs for your leisure everywhere! It's one of our favorite places to be!

 We spent our day playing in the water, swimming with the fishies, taking in the beauty, drinking Coco Locos and napping in a hammock. We also shared a picnic table with a couple celebrating 50 years. They were so encouraging and gave some great advice... a blog to come later on that. Oh yeah.. I can't forget to mention, right before we left we saw a 3ft shark. I'm glad it made it's appearance at the end of the day.

 Coco Loco's are the island special. We love these smoothies... they're the perfect blend of pineapple, mango, and strawberry. Refreshing and delicious!

Before getting off the ship we had breakfast and went to a Sudoku challenge. We both love it so we thought why not? I was certain some old man who does it everyday would win... nope leave it to my husband to take home the prize! It was just highlighters and magnets and pens and a fanny but hey, we'll take it! 
Destination number 2 was Nassau. This city is a huge tourist shopping center. There's everything from the straw market (selling handmade goods) to Coach and Diamond's international. We only had a few souveniers to pick up in the city and we had our island favorite: conch fritters. 
For Joel's birthday I had purchased a snorkeling trip. So in the afternoon we set out on a boat ride to Rainbow Reef. It was one of the most memorable parts of the trip. I was terrified for the first half (of sharks, wonder why... and jelly fish) but after that the views were amazing and Joel even swam down and touched the reef. One of the best parts... on the walk back to the ship we found $60!

This day was spent at SEA! It was such a perfect day having the view of just the water all day! We relaxed by the pool and watched a movie in the theatre. We watched a belly flop competition, had shrimp jumbalaya at the pool deck BBQ, and watched a beautiful sunset that I'll be blogging about later this week. We tried to soak up every moment of our last day on the ship.
This was return home day and we were so sad. We had such a great trip and we didn't want to leave. We got to the airport about 10:30 and our flight wasn't scheduled to leave until 7:40. It then got delayed until 10:20. It was a long day in the airport and we didn't climb into bed until about 4:30 on Saturday morning but we made the most of it playing Sudoku and looking through trip pictures. 
Date night memories:
One of our most favorite parts of cruising is getting dressed up and going to a fancy dinner every night! It's all included so we get whatever we want off the menu without worrying about price!

Joel and I are both much more silly than most people ever get to see. As the stress leaves, the silliness takes over. Here's a glimpse into our craziness.

We loved our trip! If you want to know how we did all of this for less than $1000, check out this blog.  Thanks for joining me on Monday Memories!




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