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The last couple of weeks I have been sharing some details of our wedding in honor of our 1 year anniversary. Today is the last wedding one I'll be sharing for the next bit as I have many more things on my heart I want to share with you. I could reminisce on our engagement, wedding, and first year of marriage all day long but this is not a wedding blog, so I'll refrain. 
When we were engaged so many people said "Don't worry about the details. You won't remember them." I think that is supposed to be comforting, but for someone as detail-oriented as I am, it was quite frustrating. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a Queen Decorator and wasn't worried about the particular spot of every little thing. However, the little things make a huge difference to me and they are what I remember. 
I remember the sun beaming through the old windows my mom decorated. I remember the way my heart felt incredibly full as the intro played to How He Loves. I remember the insane amount of community I felt as we took communion with family and friends.
All that being said, here are some of the details of our country, rustic, worship-style wedding.
I hope you enjoy. 
Joel and I "agreed" not to buy each other gifts for the wedding. Having such a quick engagement had put us on a tight budget and we "agreed" it wasn't necessary. Of course we didn't follow through. 
I made Joel a shadowbox with my purity ring in it. It was something I had planned on doing since a teenager. I also embroidered him a handkerchief... good thing, he needed it. 
Joel got me a Pandora bracelet with our first charm represenng us tying the knot, becoming a triple-braided cord, and beginning our journey as husband and wife. It was such a great gift and we've loved adding charms for special occasions.
One of my favorite moments of the day was praying with Joel before the ceremony. 
We were also blessed to be able to pray as a whole bridal party before walking down the aisle. the layout of the house allowed for us to make a complete circle without Joel and I seeing each other.
My grandpa was in poor health so my granparents couldn't make the trip for my wedding. We had planned on FaceTiming them in but something went wrong. I was so upset ... but have no fear my tech-savy friend and bridesmaid Sheri saved the day (she's pretty good at that). Getting to chat with them and have them experience our big day caused the biggest cry of the day.

We used a journaling Bible as our guest book. I know it will be a treasure for years to come.
In place of programs we did a booklet. In it we shared our love story, information from our bridal party, ceremony order, details, and a letter to our guests.

We had these beautifully decorated old windows all around the venue. These were all windows out of my great-granmother and great-grandfather's old house. Being that we had already said goodbye to both of them, it was a great way to have their presence at the wedding. 
{my momma did a fantastic job on the designing}


We had rustic chic mason jars like this practically everywhere. One night before the wedding a bunch of ladies from the church gathered to decorate with burlap, lace, and pearls. That night was one of the most memorable in the prep process.
The awesome praise team from our church led worship and provided the Christ-centered atmosphere for our wedding day.


Our sweet flowergirl insisted on carrying mommy's bouquet instead of spreading flowers... so they had a last minute role switch... come on, you can't deny that's adorable!

 Plus, does it not make our handsome little ringbearer even MORE cute (which I didn't think was possible) as he carries that sign sideways! Love these sweet kiddos!

These 3 babies were all ones that I had nannied during the most recent. They were just too precious to us not to include so we made a new position... Babies of Honor.

My dad passed away when I was 16. In his memory I had a red car charm on my bouquet because some of my fondest memories with him are us pulling for Dale Earnhardt. Drue and his family really took me in when I moved to Delaware. He has been such a spiritual leader and example so I had him walk me down the aisle to represent all awesome godly men in my life who filled the role for me.

We were blessed to be the first couple married by our pastor. He brought such sincerity to our ceremony. He did, however, forget to do the rings until after we were pronounced husband and wife and shared our kiss. It made for a great laugh for us and our guests.

Our reception had an impromptu detail thanks to a creative groomsman. After picking up the hay bales for seating, our groomsmen asked if we could keep the large trailer for the day as a DJ platform. This detail added so much to feel of the reception! We had a great dance party lead by the hip cool youth pastor & his wife... DJs Special K & Somertime.  

Our bridal party went above and beyond to get to the wedding, decorate for the wedding, and make memories to last a lifetime. We had people in from DE, VA, TN, CA, FL, & AZ!


We were blessed with such a fabulous day. 
Thanks for hanging with me for some of my favorite memories!

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  1. You guys definitely put a lot of time and thought into creating a beautiful and meaningful wedding! I think every wedding is memorable, but I love how intentional you were with yours!

    1. Thank you so much Rachel! Hands down my favorite day ever! Not just because I love my husband but because Gods presence was so thick that day. What's funny is we were actually only engaged for 2.5 months! It was a marathon of planning but so so worth it! Thank you for your sweet words!


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