What I learned about life while watching the Property Brothers

Let me tell you.... listening to Husband while we watch TV is more entertaining than TV itself. He's one those people who think that the people on the other side of the screen (you know the ones who were some 1,000 miles away from us 3 months ago when the show was filmed?) can hear him. Regardless of the show, this can get quite comical but my favorite here lately has been Property Brothers.

Just in case you've never watched the show on HGTV I'll give you the rundown. The Scott brothers are twins (one works in realty, one in home renovation) that help a new couple every episode find a house and make it into their dream home. It only takes watching ONE episode to realize the magic these guys can do.

The couples usually want a "move in ready" and are always given a reality check right off the bat with a house meeting their wish list that's WAY over their budget. The search for a fixer upper begins and so does the frustration from the man beside me.

These people are crazy.
Have they never seen the show?
Don't they know Jonathan will make it amazing?
Why don't they believe he can deliver?
They have NO vision. That's their problem. They have NO vision.

Well you get the picture right? 
This continues..... the whole hour of the show.
You'd think it would annoy me... nope. It makes me laugh... hysterically.

One day as Joel yelled at the far off, pre-filmed people though... something clicked.

We act the same way to God.

We want this white picket fence, storybook life with no trials and no difficulty.
We have no problem picturing the "Happily ever after" but the "once upon a time" we don't like to think through.

We look at life and assume we are getting something less than what we deserve, something ugly that requires to much work.
We have a hard time envisioning the beautiful outcome.... the final product.
We can't see that after He tears down walls and rips up the filth we've been standing on, we'll be even more lovely.

We fail to look around and see His faithfulness in the lives of those around us, those in Scripture, and our own previous stories.

Have you never seen Me do this? He says. Have you not read the Scriptures? Have you not heard the testimonies? Do you not recall my faithfulness?

We fail to believe that God really is who He says He is. That He'll really do what He say He'll do. 

Don't you know my redemption? He says. Have you not witnessed my power? Do you not know my greatness.

We lack vision.
So often, I lack vision. 
Then God comes in and starts to lay down new flooring, put in new appliances, refurnish all my windows and I begin to see the picture.
I begin to see what He's doing and how He's making me better. Newer. More lovely.

Can't you see it now? He says. Next time won't you trust me?

 "Behold, I have refined you, but not as silver, I have tried you in the furnace of affliction." 
Isaiah 48.10

What helps you get vision in life? 



  1. Thank you for this wonderful post!! It's so true that we often lack vision.

  2. This is an awesome post! Such good stuff, Brandy!

  3. Thanks Hannah... I'm so so guilty of it!


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