Monday Memories| When you try your best but don't succeed...

So in the midst of holiday craze, I got out of the routine of Monday Memories. I love this reminiscent portion of my space so I'm starting it back up! 

I'm so excited for Valentine's day this year and I'm pretty pumped about the present(s) Joel has coming to him. While I can't share all of those yet, I am going to share with you last years fiasco.

Let me set the stage for you..... you know I'm all about the backgrounds.
2014 was Joel & I's FIRST Valentine's Day together. Not just our first as a married couple... our first ever. (You can read the details of our quick love story here.) Not only was it our first but it was a day I'd been dreaming of for a LONG time. 

See I hadn't had a "valentine" since I was in the 8th grade. He wasn't even a "serious" boyfriend (whatever that means at 14 haha). Every year on Valentine's Day I would do something fun. So often that involved a movie with friends and more recently I'd get take out Japanese and watch the 19 Kids and Counting marathon.... yes that was fun to me. Don't judge ha. But in the midst of all the Facebook posts about everyone having "the best" boyfriend/husband, I wasn't really bitter. I loved seeing all the gifts in fact and I would dream of the day that I too would have that.

Then comes last year.... and I did have that! There was only one small glitch.... 
My shoulder was messed up and I was out of work from my main income.

Soo....... this crafty, DIY-loving gift giver was unable to wash dishes let alone make Husband something special. On top of that, the budget was pretty tight.
What to do? What to do? 

So I decided I would make Husband one of those cute coupon selections and the last one in there would be a gift card to Cabela's (knowing that we were about to have one open here).

So on  my adventure I went to find a gift card. I am not kidding y'all, after 3 trips to 3 different Walgreens (the only place that had them at the time), I was about to lose it. All of the Cabela's cards delivered to this area of Delaware were defective and could not be activated. 

I can look back now and laugh at myself crying as I walked out of that 3rd Walgreens. By this point there's not surprise in it left.. Husband knows what I was trying to get him so it didn't feel special at all. It's quite hilarious now but in the moment I felt like the worst wife ever.

Joel ended up getting a handwritten coupon promising him a gift card.... which ended up being him getting money from me on his first trip to the store haha. 

It was definitely now what I had dreamed up in my  mind for a spectacular Valentine's Day but I giggle about it now. This year, he's going to be even more excited!

Did you ever have a Valentine's Day flop?



  1. You sound like me. I get so worked up and upset when things go wrong and LG is always like, "babe it's totally fine..really" lol!

  2. haha! I am so like that! I build expectations up in my head and when it doesn't go that way.... I'm a mess!

  3. Our first Valentine's day was also my first ever and was after we'd already been married a few months...he was working night shifts and I was going to school in the day, and on Valentine's Day I had school and then he had to work, so I just ended up going to a Valentine's party that a group of my fellow international students were having and at the party we had a cookie decorating contest. We bought each other candies I think, but I don't remember doing anything together. Last year, we had planned to go out on Valentine's...but ended up helping my family load a uhaul instead. :P

  4. haha that's funny Rachel. I'm hoping for a day date tomorrow! :) As of now the plan is DC's art museums and I'm super pumped!


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