Sometimes it's the little things...

Bethany at Dandelion Pie did a link up and encouraged us to share 10 things we adore about our husbands. She titled it Permission to brag…. this I loved because I never want to come across as the girl on Facebook screaming “I have the best husband in the world.” But let’s be honest… I feel that way… everyday. Even on the occasional days that he frustrates me I can usually take one quick look at my cycle calendar and know it’s not him ha. He’s also the quickest to apologize person I’ve ever met. Call it cheesy if you wish, but narrowing or categorizing to 10 was just too difficult so I decided to list lots and lots of little ways (and big ways) that Husband steals my heart all over again. 


reminds me 3x to lock the door if he gets out to run in at a store.
always opens the door…. even in the rain. 
starts the car so it’s super toasty. 
often tells me of the cold and reminds me to bundle up. 
helps clean the dishes as I do dinner prep.
buys me flowers on random days.
holds me when I cry… even when I don’t know the reason for my tears.
informs of much Biblical history that is valuable but I would never research.
lets me sleep on his chest.
loves to vacuum and does it often. 
has such a heart to lead and protect me.
is willing to go wherever for God.
is broken over the lost. 
works hard every day to provide for us.
loves kiddos and babies as much as I do.
loves studying the Word and discipling others in it. 
is thoughtful to not just me but also my friends.
sends me cute texts throughout the day.
doesn’t let me carry things over 10 lbs. 
doesn’t underestimate my ability to though.
makes me laugh
reads my blog and cares about my thoughts. 
reminds me that my success is not defined by degree/career.
makes me feel beautiful and tells me I am often.
runs water in the tub for me if I even mention that I might want to relax.
loves me deeply and lets me know that everyday. 
has grace and patience for me and others when I am often lacking.
takes me on day dates to let me explore.
knows the gifts that send me soaring (and he gets them). 
is a kid at heart. 
is my best buddy. 
never stops pursing my heart.

And that’s just to name a few…. I could seriously go on and on for hours.

The point of this is not just to brag on my husband but to also make you think as a spouse.

What little/big things does your spouse do constantly that you forget to thank them for? Adore them for?

What little things could you be doing to pursue your spouse and let them know that they are cherished?




  1. Your husband seems like such a great guy! I can tell the amount you love him! BTW, I got your mug! I LOVE it! I'll review it very soon!

  2. YAY! :) So glad Tayler!
    He's pretty great <3 I'm extraordinarily blessed.

  3. Thanks so much for the Link Up Bethany! :) I hope you all had a wonderful Valentine's Day! :)

  4. This is such a sweet tribute, I hope he read it too!!


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