a new design & why changed

My most recent blog beauty was designed by my sweet friend Lauren from Magnolia Street!
I loved my design and was amazed by how well Lauren captured the mood I was trying to set on my little home on the web.

All that being said, a ton has changed in life since that design came about it in the Fall of 2013!
As I started growing my blog last fall,  I was posting more frequently and reading many new blogs as well.

Before then, most of my readers were people who knew me fairly well and just enjoyed keeping up with my life. I'm so happy to say now that my readership has grown!
Through lots of networking I've been able to build friendships with other bloggers! (Such a huge blessing!)
Also, given that infertility has become a huge part of this blog and our story, many women have come to this space specifically for those posts.

All that to be said, I needed a new fresh design that catered to new visitors AND faithful readers!

Unfortunately, I had completely forgot just about everything from my web design class in high school. So about a month ago, I decided it was time to eat the elephant one bite at a time! When I would hit a road block, I'd ask design friends and, of course, GOOGLE! 

There are still elements that I want to add that I haven't figured out yet. I know I'll get there eventually! I've poured many hours into this new design and I hope you love at as much as I do! 

There are some new aspects my faithful readers might want to check out! All of the tabs at the top have new, fresh content! Also, check out the bottom of the page for links to MY favorite posts.

If you're not following along on social media yet, make sure to do that with the new circle buttons on the right hand of the page! 

A huge thank you to all of you who hang around this place and hear my heart!

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P.S. I am not above mistakes! haha. If you find a broken link or a misspelled word on the new design, please send that in email or comment! THANK YOU! 



  1. I love the new colors and looks!! Sometimes a fresh look is great for inspiration, etc. :)

  2. Thanks Amberly! It definitely brought some new inspiration! :)

  3. I love this new design!! So pretty and welcoming! Congrats girl!


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