Celebrating birthdays of those passed on || Happy birthday Pa!

Tuesday night as I lay awake the thoughts began coming of my sweet grandpa and I began to dread today.
See today is Pa's birthday....  but he's no longer here.

When I lived close to home I would have been right there.
Right there to give a bear hug and a kiss on the cheek.
Right there eat peanut butter cake and play many games of setback.

But not today.

Today, no one will call to say they love him.
No one will eat peanut butter cake.
No bear hugs or kisses.
No one will sing Happy Birthday.

Instead most will remember him and be sad he's gone just like I am.

But as I lay there on Tuesday night the Lord brought something new to mind.

Why is it that we celebrate birthdays anyways?
We celebrate lives! We celebrate people! 
And I can still do that, even though my Pa's not here.

Today I'm going to celebrate his life.

I'm celebrating...
the love he shared.
the lessons he taught.
the stories he told.
the hugs he gave.
the games we played.
the family he raised.
the joy he brought.

And even more than that I'm celebrating that he is no longer pain but is now with Christ.
I'm celebrating that I will one day see him again.

On his birthday from now forward, I'm going to celebrate.
Doesn't mean I don't miss him and there's not still sadness.

But I have joy for the life he lived! 
Joy for the memories.
Joy for his current place.

I may eat peanut butter cake or play a game of cards with Husband specifically in his memory or maybe I'll just run through his stories all day in my head.

But I'm asking today if you know my Pa, to celebrate his life!
The life he had here on earth and the incredible life he has now in Heaven.

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  1. happy birthday Pa! It's so much better to celebrate than to mourn. Hope it's a day of sweet memories of him!

  2. Thank you Caroline! :) It's been a great day of remembering!

  3. Hi Brandy. Sounds like you have some amazing memories of your Pa. So wonderful to have those to hold on to and to remember. My Mum died nearly two years ago, a month before her 65th birthday. Even that first birthday, when the grief was still so very raw, we focussed on celebrating her life and remembering the good times. That's what keeps us going isn't it? And when we keep hold of those memories, then somehow our loved ones don't feel so far away.


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