Random Fact: I've always loved Mondays

Did I mention last week was chaos? We had an offer on our house that withdrew (more on that later), a potential job that fell through, and to put the cherry on top... I was in a fender bender at a red light on Thursday. I'm thankful that the week is over and we all 3 are fine and this momma is just left with some minor aches and pains.

All that to say, Thursday and Friday were my blog prep days for the weekend posts (no I'm not organized enough yet to have post scheduled out for a month... maybe one day... maybe not?). So I failed at the challenge I had set before myself on DAY 3. Ha. Sorry, but I just have to laugh at that a bit. I was so determined and excited about Blogtober and 3 days in my blog is silent. Don't worry... barring any more major unforeseen events I'm hopping back on! 

Which is why I've always loved Mondays. Even when I was in school there was this part of me that got excited for a new week. Sure, the weekend is over and that's always a bummer.... But there's something refreshing to me about having a new week, a clean slate.

At the beginning of the week I sit down with my calendar, evaluate what's coming up, and make a new to-do list. I feel like I can leave last week behind me and move on to this one. Can I transparently admit that after weeks like last one, I need a Monday! 

So here's to a new week.... and better yet, it's my birthday week!
Happy Monday Y'all!
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