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 I did receive free product in exchange for this review from eShakti. However all opinions are my own and I would not share with you any product I didn't love! 

Some of you who've been with me for awhile may remember that beautiful dress I reviewed from eShakti! It was gorgeous and perfect and I couldn't get over how well it fit me.... maybe because they actually let you put your measurements in? Yeah. That's probably it.

Anyways, that dress went on to be worn at my brother-in-law's wedding and my sister loved it so much she wore it for her rehearsal dinner on the beach.... we're practically the same size so it looked perfect on her too! 

So why, might you ask, would I (in busy mom life) review another dress from them? 

First of all because I love the way they work....

You select the design and then from there you get to choose sleeve type, neckline, dress length, and even whether or not you want pockets (which by the way is always a YES for me)! You can select a size based off their measurements and just add height (another huge bonus for this under 5' girl) or you can put in all your unique measurements.

As a short girl who never fits any size just right, it's so so so nice to see a company make a dress to your measurements that is much cheaper than most custom shops! 

Secondly... because this nursing momma needed a customizable dress. And I knew eShakti would deliver nothing less! Dresses have been the hardest part of my wardrobe with breastfeeding. So I went to eShakti, picked out a dress I loved, customized the neckline to be breastfeeding friendly, made sure to check "yes" on pockets and this beauty came to me in a week! 

So even though this is my version of the perfect dress... 
burnt orange
bow sleeves
keyhole back
elbow length sleeve
at knee length
scoop neck
and most importantly... tailored to ME.....

Your perfect dress could be totally different... and those options would all be yours! 

So buy yourself a Christmas gift and take advantage of the 20% off sale they have going on today!  
Get a gift for someone else and take 20% off of gift cards.. y'all that crazy good!
And know that any time  you sign up you get a $30 credit to your account! 

Go find YOUR perfect dress!
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