Our Little Levi | 18 Months

Today our little Levi is 18 months old. It feels like the last year and a half have flown by. These days have been some of the sweetest of my entire life. The laughter and joy and love that feel the most usual of days are more than I know what to do with. I thank God for them and the sweet blessing they are to Joel and I. 

GROWING ||  Levi is now 21lbs and 24in. He's starting to bang his head on all those pesky table corners that he used to breeze right under. He's in 12-18m or 18m clothing and I'm just hoping he doesn't grow out of those before the summer ends. The boy loves to eat... just about anything. His particular favorites are his morning bowl of cheerios and any meat he can get his hands on. He's also quite obsessed with bananas and thinks tiny cheeseburgers (sliders) are the coolest. As of 3 weeks ago, he is no longer nursing. Though it's been difficult at times, he's done much better with the transition than I'd imagined and now LOVES his "big boy milk." We converted his crib to a toddler bed and he sleeps so much better now! Turns out he just really didn't like feeling trapped in. 

PLAYING & LEARNING ||  Levi has definitely got the hang of walking and is running and climbing all over the place. He loves to make cars go "vroom" and ride around on his baby rides, but his most favorite activities involve playing ball. From shooting to hoops to hitting baseball to simply throwing any ball he can get his hands on. He also loves to swing and slide and throughly enjoys all the nice parks here in DE. He loves to read books and sometimes likes being read to. His favorite book is the Pout-Pout Fish. A few weeks ago he learned how to say "pout pout" and I probably heard that word 100x in that first week. He's learned many more words. My favorites to hear him say are now "mommy" & "daddy" (instead of mama and dada), "annurone" (another one), and "maymen" (amen). He's gotten really good at using a spoon and is making progress with the fork. He's starting to learn some shapes and colors and knows several animals and their sounds. Thanks to the teens at church he also has random skills like flipping water bottles and dabbing. 

ADVENTURES || It's been a big 6 months for Levi... He's been to VA 3 times all of which were times just him and I as Daddy has been out of the country for missions work a couple of times. He had a lot of firsts in going to California... his first flight, first trip out west, and first visit to an amusement park. He loved LegoLand and the SeaLife Aquarium there. He's also been on 2 boat rides (one on the ocean and one on the lake) and a 4-wheeler ride or 2 with Nana & Pops. He got his first haircut and he also just finished up his 2nd VBS. While all of these are great, some of our favorite adventures are the "no big deal" ones. Like days at the park with his friends, swinging in the backyard, and playing ball with the doggie.

I know I say this all the time but I wish everyday could last about 10. We can't slow time no matter how much we try. So here's to making more memories (ordinary and extravagant) and breathing in every bit of joy this season has to offer!

I have way too many pictures of this kid from the last 6 months but here are a few of my favorite.



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