23... What a year it has been, what a year to come...

What a year....
When I sit and think on my where I was on this day last year, my mind is blown by how much has changed. Last year I celebrated this day with a birthday/going away party from my youth in VA. It was great day, exciting day, but aslo a sad day as I knew it would be my last youth event before moving. On October 13th I said goodbye to my family and drove to DE. It was a bittersweet moment. I can remember arriving here with the crisp taste of Fall in the air and having so much anticipation for what this new journey would hold. The excitement of a new journey with Christ, in a new place, with a new job, new friends, a new ministry, a new state... basically a new life. A new chapter began. And a beautiful chapter it has been!
When I moved I originally committed to be here for a year. October to October. However by February, God had confirmed this was going to be more than a year long internship for me... but more of settle down fix. With this confirmation, I took a part time nannying job that started in May for a newborn and made it more of a "permanent" move.
In June I went to serve at PowerLife Student Camps. I remember saying so many times that week that it had been the best year of my life! And it had.... God had provided me with 2 jobs that I LOVE, amazing friends, people to call family here, wonderful ministry opportunities, and a church family that is incredibly close knit. While I knew it had been the best year of my life so far, I had no idea what else God had in store.
I will be posting the more in detail story later but the short of it is... Joel Miller. Joel and I had met in February when he started coming to LifeHouse and our 1021 group. We had become closer friends in the spring and he was definitely someone I enjoyed spending time with. I never could have imagined all that God had in store though. In between PowerLife weeks, Joel asked if he could pursue me with the hope of one day making me his wife! In just a few short months we have definitely seen our long for prayed desires come true. It has been truly like a fairytale... a Godtale, I like to call it. We will be getting married on October 26th.
It has been the greatest year of my life. God has captured my heart with His love in ways like never before. I could never begin to express His greatness! His love overwhelms me!

What a year... to come....
When I walk outside and feel Fall in the air, it takes me back. Back to last year's newness, anticipation and excitement. The same flood of emotion comes rushing over me as I think about the new season begining with this year. Just as last year brought a new chapter with new roles, a new journey awaits me now. I will remain in the same state, same church, same friends, same jobs... but in 16 days I am becoming a wife! It's a role I have longed to fill for a while now. I have prayed and begged God to send my husband, spiritual leader, and closest companion... and now, in His perfect timing, in His perfect way... He has. I couldn't be more thrilled about this wonderful, godly man He has sent me. I know this coming year will hold new excitement and challenges. It will be a year of loving and learning. God has already taught me so much about Himself through our relationship and I know it will be even more throughout our marriage. I know this new season will have highs and lows, but I rejoice in knowing that God has orchestrated this! And that as I begin this new journey I will always have Him holding me, guiding me, teaching me and loving me and that right beside me will be Joel.
I am so so blessed in life right now! As I reflect back on God's faithfulness through the years, I am so excited for the furture! I am praying that this year, He will give me even more opportunities to share the Gospel and shine the light of Christ. I pray He will help me to be a godly wife who encourages and supports my husband as his helpmeet. I pray that God will teach my heart new truths, reveal more of His beautiful self to me, and captivate every inch of my heart with His presence. I pray that this year I will be CONSUMED by Jesus Christ and my life will be drenched with Him.
"May the Lord direct your hearts to the love of God and to the steadfastness of Christ."
2 thessalonians 3.5



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