Being the girl on the back of his motorcycle

The first time I took a ride on Husband's motorcycle, he wasn't my husband... in fact he wasn't even my boyfriend yet. It was a little over a year ago, 2 days before Joel asked to pursue me and I was starting to get suspicious. I didn't have much experience in flirting but I needed to communicate that the interest was mutual. Long story short, even though I was terrified (and he knew I was) I took him up on an offer to ride with him to the beach and he was quite surprised. I knew it would mean a lot to him and get the point across. So with arms wrapped around his waist (feeling a little awkward because we weren't dating) and heart pounding, I fearfully took the 45 min trip with him. Looking back it's the first real way I said "yes... I like you." It's something I'll never regret.
Unfortunately for Joel 3 weeks later the bike broke down... though I can't say it was unfornate for my anxiety level. With the craziness of our quick transfer to engagement and then to marriage, it was winter before he could afford to get it fixed. Then came our car accident which pushed it off even further. Joel made the decision in April to fix the motorcycle and try to sell it. But in the meantime he's be enjoying it here and there. In comes my second experience with the motorcycle....
It was the last weekend in May and my arm was slowly recovering from surgery. We had just had a talk at our young marrieds that Friday that had encouraged me to be more involved in Joel's interests. So when Saturday came and it was nice and sunny, I offered to ride the bike with him. He had been asking if I was going to but until that point I hadn't felt as thought my shoulder would let me hold on even a little. So here I go out to get on the bike in long jeans (but cuffed because of my height) and of course my cute TOMS. I'm sure you can see where this is going... I go to get on that beautiful blue Harley that so kindly has passenger pedals for my feet and those cuffed jeans ride up... my 4'11'' self doesn't quite reach the pedal on the first try and AHHHHHH! (Insert me screaming bloody murder). All this before ever leaving the driveway. I've never had a burn so bad! It immediately blistered up and was infected within 3 days and I literally couldn't walk without hopping for over a week.
I swore that was it! It was my sign that me and the motorcycle weren't friends. I told Joel numerous times that I would never attempt to ride again. So I'm sure you like me ask... how is that on this past Monday I found myself cruising down Rt 9 arms sinched around Joel's waist (with no awkwardness this time)?
Joel had the day off and after a really long work week, we just decided to spend the day around the house. The evening came and the busy body in me wanted to do something fun. Joel was sitting at the computer working on classes and I come in behind him requesting that we do something together. He immediately says "Do you want to go for a ride on the bike?" I'm not sure if he said it joking or being hopefully serious. While the immediate look on my face (that he couldn't see) was panic, the word "yeah" comes out of my mouth.
So this time I uncuffed my jeans, put on rainboots just in case, and actually got my feet on the pedals 1st try! (SUCCESS!) Oh and Husband didn't start the motorcycle until I was on... that was helpful too. We took a nice ride out to the pier near our house and stopped by to see some friends who live close by. It was a perfect evening. And don't tell Joel.... but I actually found myself enjoying being cuddled up to the back of him knowing I had to trust him to drive me.
I was way more inclined to say "no" to that ride than "yes" but the truth is, I want to be the girl on the back of his motorcycle. I want to be his best buddy. His closest companion. His biggest fan.
Studies show that while women desire more face to face time, men desire side by side time. They generally don't long to come home and talk for hours about how they feel. They feel loved and supported by us wives just being there. Doing something we usually wouldn't do. Just enjoying them. I want to be that for my husband. He goes to the beach with me even when he's not up for it and calls just to talk because he knows it makes my day. He is my best buddy and I want to be his.
Maybe for you it's being the girl in the bleachers while he plays mens softball or going fishing once in awhile. Sometimes it's watching superhero movies (turns out I'm quite the fan of Marvel and Batman). If you don't know what he'd love to have you around during, just ask. And then do it. Even if it's boring, scary, or not your thing. Trust me... you want to be the girl on the back of his motorcycle. There's nothing like the smirk Joel had while he put on my helmet or the way he was beaming after our ride.
the girl on the back of his motorcycle,



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