Being thankful for laundry, cooking, and Jesus

All in the last 3 weeks I've been able to do laundry, cook meals, wash my hair normally, dance with my TeamKIDdos, and snap my own bra. Probably sounds like no huge accomplishment... likely typical tasks that you do routinely with no struggle. Unfortunately I don't have a 5k or half marathon to brag about. I haven't lost a jean size. I haven't been on a grand vacation and I'm not pregnant. In the world of facebook and social media... this post isn't status worthy. But in my world... accomplishing these few tasks are huge.
Since our car accident January 2nd the most simple actions have been the most frustrating. After getting surgery in May it seemed like even more of a set back. I wasn't asking to be able to run a marathon or do 25lb curls... I just wanted to be able to cook dinner and not be miserable. As a newlywed it was so depressing to have my hardworking husband get home at 5:15 and still have to cook dinner, clean house, and do the laundry on top of all his usual husband duties.
Being back in the swing of things has been an exhilarating breath of fresh air. I feel like myself again. I catch myself smiling, yes smiling, when I'm going to do a load of laundry. I'm dancing around my kitchen worshipping while I cook dinner. Even the clean up is enjoyable!
Crazy I know ... I'm sure many of you wives and moms out there reading this are laughing at me. I was told many times while hurt to "enjoy it while you can because one day you'll have to do it all." But my question back to you is what if you couldn't do it at all?
Would you still feel the same way?
What if you wanted to serve your husband by cooking him dinner, but you couldn't?
What you had piles of laundry but you were unable?
What if you didn't have the ability or opportunity to do the things you complain about most?
Those with newborns, what if you had no baby to get up with in the middle of the night?
Those with morning sickness, what if you couldn't get pregnant?
Those who get to stay home with your kids, what if you had to drop them off every day?
To husbands who hate you job, what if you lost your job and had to depend on your wife?
We all complain. I complain about things all the time. But I pray I never ever complain about doing laundry, cooking dinner, or throwing up while pregnant. I'm sure there will come days when those things urk me. I'm sure they will get on my nerves. But you are all given permission to remind me that I should.... "Be thankful in all circumstances." (1 Thes. 5.18)
While writing this God reminded me of a eye-opening moment He gave me a few years ago while at Bible Camp. We were singing about the cross and how much it had changed us. I had this weird realization that I really didn't remember much about myself before Jesus. If you read No such thing as a boring testimony you know that I was saved at 11. It kind of bothered me in that moment because I felt like I couldn't fully appreciate what God had done for me. But God being so intimate and timely brought this thought to my mind.... "What if I had never known Jesus?" I had no idea what my life would have been like. 
So what about you... what if there was no hope in Jesus? What if you had no one to pray to? What if you had to be perfect to receive righteousness and go to Heaven? What if you had no purpose?
What would life look like for you?
I dont' know about you... but it makes me even more thankful for Jesus!
So next time you're doing laundry, moping your floors, changing a dirty diaper, or even just reading your Bible... think about what life would be like if you couldn't... and BE THANKFUL!



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