Becoming WE

This will be sappy.... you've been warned.
This Saturday morning a year ago my alarm went off and the first thought that came into my head was.... I'M GETTING MARRIED TODAY!!!!!!!
There were so many emotions running through my veins... excitement being on the top of the list.
I tried to think slow, not rush. I wanted to take in every single moment.
I saw my mom and we both teared up... happy tears, bittersweet tears, where did the time go tears.
I went to the porch swing to write my groom a letter.
I spent some time with Jesus thanking Him for His blessings, faithfulness, provision, and love.
I started getting ready with a group of girls who had shaped me and molded me up to that point.

I laughed. I cried.
I got my hair curled and my make up done.
I got my veil placed.
I got my dress laced and my jewelry on.
I got my flowers in hand.
I chatted with my grandparents from afar.
I prayed.
I listened to the music.
I watched as those I love so much walked the aisle I would soon be walking.
I worshipped as the band began to play How He Loves.
I waited.
I took in the beauty of that moment.
And then.... I walked.
I walked down the burlap path.
I walked praising my Lord.
I walked basking in His love.
I walked looking at my groom.
I admired his smiling face.
I wondered at his great love for me.
I soaked up the love of our many guests.
I saw the proud look on my momma's face.
I made it to the end.
I hugged my groom so tightly.

 I listened as our pastor spoke.
I held Joel's hand as we stood in the cool October air.
I read my vows.
I listened to his.
I become his.
Two I's became WE.
We shared a kiss.
We exchanged rings.
We took communion.
We left the alter as WE. 
We had pictures made.
We ate (a little) dinner.
We shoved in some cake.
We listened to speeches.
We toasted.
We danced.
We breathed it all in.
We mingled with our guests.
We had s'mores by the bonfire.
We left in our Jeep.
We left as WE.

We had awoke and arrived as two I's... but we left as WE.
It's amazing how that happens. How God set that up. 
"Therefore a man shall leave his father and his mother and hold fast to his wife, and they shall become ONE flesh." - Genesis 2.24
Do we ever do things apart? Absolutely.
But we make decisions together.
We care for our home.
We care for each other.
We have to work through our issues.
We have to look to God.
I can't help but wonder if the divorce rate in America is so high because so many never accept that they arrived at the wedding as two I's and left as WE.
 Think about it.
In most divorces at least one if not both, lost sight of the WE and thought about the I.
I'm not happy.
I'm not in love in more.
I'm not satisfied.
I don't want to change.
I, I, I.....
I know Joel and I will go through seasons.
Some will be harder than others.
Some will make it harder to act as WE.
But I think no matter the season, one thing that we will have to remember is that we are not two I's...
we are a WE. 
As I think about this past year with its pinnacles and its valleys, this reality of the WE is so clear.
We by no means have a perfect marriage.
We by no means have marriage all figured out.
We have our petty arguements.
We have our days when we lose sight of the we... (mainly me if I'm being honest).
We have to apologize and ask for forgiveness like every other couple.
But there are way more days that I want to brag on my awesome husband than I ever do.
You would be annoyed and probably stop reading if I gave him the recognition he deserves daily.
He is selfless and thoughtful and loving, oh so loving.
Ephesians says "He who loves his wife loves himself."
Joel gets that.
He gets the WE.
For half of this year, I couldn't use my right arm.
He washed my hair.
He cooked the meals.
He cleaned the house.
He got the WE. 
He does so many things from day to day that show me that I am part of him and he loves me.

I'm so thankful that a year ago we became the Millers.
I'm so blessed by the year we've had together.
I'm so excited for the years we have to come.

Stay tuned for many more wedding posts and pics to come this weekend.



  1. Wow..this was beautiful! I agree..I think a lot if married couples today forget that it's not about I's about the we. Thanks for the reminder. :)

    1. Thanks Faith! I have to remind myself... everyday.

  2. This is so sweet!


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