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I love this time of year... October is my favorite month by far. 
It always has been.
I love it because of the leaves changing, my birthday, and the cool brisk air. 
I love it because it brings back memories.
Memories of decorating T-shirts and homecoming floats.
Memories of playing high school volleyball and singing the whole way home from away games.
Memories of sharing funnel cakes and hot chocolate while watching Friday night football.
Memories of corn mazes and bonfires as our senior year was just beginning.
Memories of moving into college and living on my own.
Memories of time cherished with family like never before.
Memories of moving to Delaware and knowing that I was starting the craziest chapter yet.
Memories engagement and wedding planning and marrying my best friend.
It seems I have a thousand memories I could write about it at this time of year. 
Today in honor of our upcoming anniversary, I'm going to share with you the day I found my dress!
Joel proposed on Wednesday, August 7th and we set the date for October 26th.
On Thursday I made a list of the first major things that had to happen. With venue and photographer all picked out, this list included cake, bridal party, invitations, registering, and of course... DRESS!
So I called my mom (who lives 9-10hrs away) and asked when the soonest she and my sister could be here to go shopping.... 
They, along with one of my bridesmaids and my flower girl, all arrived the next day. Friday.
Saturday morning, August 10th, the 5 of us and many other close friends began the adventure of finding my wedding dress!
I had some ideas of what I wanted:
-A-line/Cinderella -no bling -no strapless -fit country theme -flowers/lace
Knowing this already, I asked Joel what he imagined me in the night before we went. I knew he wouldn't know style terms but I imagined he would say something such as poofy or straight, sparkly or not sparkly, lace or not lace, short or long. His only response was that he wanted it to look like me and my style. (I've always commonly joked that the only style I have is polka dots and flowers.) But I took his words and went on my way.

Saturday morning we started at a dress shop near by. It honestly felt surreal. I had dreamed about this day since I was a little girl. So many times I had helped pull white gowns for others but this time... this time they were for me! CRAZY!
I prayed we would find something that day... With my family so far and our wedding so close we had no time to waste. Most dresses take 6-8 weeks to come in, not counting alterations. I had 11. We needed to get something shipped quickly or find a sample dress to buy from the rack.
As we started to search, some I could say no right away... but there were a few that caught my eye and seemed to make everyone get excited.

 We ultimately decided that there was more out there I needed to try on and we would travel a little farther to a bigger bridal shop.
By the time we had finished lunch and arrived at the next stop there were at least 10 people there to help me find a dress. Boy, did I feel loved.
More people picking out meant more dresses to try on. These were all in addition to the store's bridal consultant picks.
I began trying on dresses and there were very few I didn't like. It seemed as though every time I walked out someone would gasp and exclaim,
"That's the one!"
I liked so many of them but I wasn't sold yet. The one on the right I had been waiting to try on all day. I had seen it previously and it was by one of my favorite designers. Even though it was very beautiful, I was disappointed with it on and felt like it just wasn't for me.

Then came this one..... 
a crowd favorite for sure. I could see why... it was classic. With the vintage sleeves, scalloped lace train, and perfect lace overlay, how couldn't you love it. It made me feel pretty and bridal and was the first real possibility in my mind. Everyone seemed to love it.
As I went back into the dressing room and had a moment alone, I realized something though. Even though this dress was lovely, there was nothing about that screamed me. It was timeless and perfect and very bridal... but not me.
However, there were only 2 left and I was starting to be concerned. Maybe I would just have to compromise, I thought.
I put the next dress on. Much to my surprise, I looked in the mirror and saw a dress suited just for me. I knew right then, it was the one.

 The flowers and the waistline, the tulle and the train. It was perfect.
I walked out expecting ooo's and ahh's. But there was silence. No one said a word. Finally someone said, "Wow, that really suits you." And then the tears came. I had finally found the one!
To top it we could buy the sample and it was perfectly in the budget!
It was one of my favorite days of wedding prep and spending the day surrounded by loved ones was a treasure I'll never forget!
I felt like a princess on our wedding day.




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