In the last few months God has given me a passion to share my heart here like never before.
That passion has driven me to do many things in the blog world but one of those was to join this amazing blogging community called the Peony Project!
It's an incredible group of women bloggers who get this... all love Jesus!
While looking around on different blogs and browsing through the FaceBook group I kept seeing all of these references to "She Reads Truth". 
I was confused to be honest... I thought it must be some Bible study a few of the small groups were doing and I would maybe get to join in at some point. 
One day my curiosity got the best of me... and I just googled it. Boy am I glad I did! 
So now I want to share it with you!
Some of the most common questions I get are about what I do in my quiet time, what devotionals I do, where do  you even start? While there will be a more thorough post coming on that soon, this portion can't wait! 
She Reads Truth is compiled by a group of women who write out FREE daily devotions.
You can go back and do old series at any point or follow along with the current one! 
You can get it on your phone, on your computer, or on your tablet!
Right now they are on day 5 of a series titled "in everything give thanks".... the cool part? 
You could go back and start at day 1 and never miss a beat! 
The writing is excellent and challenging and leaves you excited to come back for more.
The authors are real and transparent... they're not there to give you cookie cutter answers or wrap life in pretty packages. They're there to speak TRUTH into the lives of women through Scripture and testimony. 
To add even more fun, grab a few friends to start with you or maybe even just one! 
My high school best friend and I live 9 hours apart but we're going through it together! 
It's so nice to have someone to share the growing with and it's helping us stay connected at the same time!
So without further ado... 
hop on over to and start a breath of fresh air from God's Word!



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