A Christmas Prayer

Thank You, Jesus, for coming...
to a broken world,
a lost place,
a fallen city.
Thank You for entering in a pitiful manger that wasn't worthy of Your birth.
Thank You for being my Messiah, my Redeemer, my Savior.
Thank You for loving me, saving me, & living in me.

Oh, I can't imagine the desperation I would be in without You....
the hopelessness that would run through my veins.

Help me to never take for granted the beauty of You coming.
You could have stayed in safety & comfort... far from struggle, temptation, & pain....
But You chose me. You chose us....
Over Your pleasure & Your paradise.

Your arrival has saved my life,
given me purpose,
granted me forgiveness,
filled me with love.

Use me today & everyday to live Christmas all throughout the year.
To bring joy, shine truth, & carry hope to this dying world You came to seek & save.
Let me live in gratitude for You in the coming months.
Let me constantly singe the praises of Your holy name.




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