Stop buying a New You

New Year. New You? 

Here lately I seem to be finding this phrase in marketing everywhere… 
New Year, New You.” 

New you in weight loss.
New you in business promotions.
New you in marathon goals.

New you in family living.
New you in stylish wardrobes.
New you in pursuing education. 

New you in meal planning.
New you in blog achievements.
New you in Bible studying. 

New year. New you.

This phrase has always rubbed me wrong for some reason and this year I’ve seemed to hear it more & more. 

It’s not that I think resolutions aren’t beneficial. I
t’s not that I don’t love the view of a new year with a clean slate to make it incredible. 

Husband & I have a few plans together as far as reading through the Bible chronologically & consuming less junk in our diets. I also have several of my own personal goals for 2015 that I’ll be sharing in the next week or so. 

So why is it that this marketing slogan makes me nutty? 

Because the same world that is pushing for us to “just be yourself” & “be who makes you happy” is the same world now selling a “new you.” It seems a little contradictory to me. 

I can’t just “be myself” and who “makes me happy” because I am not my own and life is not about me. God is constantly shaping me, sanctifying me… making me NEW.

But here’s the deal… outside of God’s renewing, weeding, building, 
(brace yourself for the shocker, Marketing)
I don’t want a “NEW ME.”

Would I love for ME to be in a thinner shell this year? Absolutely!
Would I love for ME to accomplish more goals this year? Absolutely!
Would I love for ME to eat better, write more, plan smarter, dress cuter, study deeper this year? Absolutely! 

But I don’t want a NEW ME. I want the same ME.
The essence of me… what makes me ME to be intact come 2016. 
I still want to love Jesus ridiculously, act like a 5 year old with my best friend (who happens to be my husband), be crafty, enjoy writing, bubble over with joy, know when to have a good cry, and pour my life out as an offering before my Lord and before others. 

I want God to continue the refining process in my heart and I want Him to accomplish more in and through me this year. But at the end of it all.. I still want it to be ME. 
Not some New You, I can’t even recognize.

God made me with certain passions, longings, mannerisms, characteristics all for a reason. 
All so He could use them for His glory. 
And that’s what I want this year.

In the midst of a cultural choir singing NEW YEAR, NEW YOU, do me a favor.

Remember that He made you just the way He wanted you. 

You can have a productive, successful, fulfilling NEW YEAR without being a NEW YOU. 

You can be YOU with a healthier life, deeper intimacy with the Lord, better family outlook, & higher career or academic level. 

Be a more intentional YOU. Be a more loving YOU. Be a more fulfilled YOU.

It’s a NEW YEAR… but don’t be a NEW YOU.

I’m not going to be a NEW ME. 



  1. I am not a big fan of resolutions either. Why wait until January to deal with the baggage in your life? Start now. It's gonna take your whole life to be made complete in Him, anyway.

  2. I'm not one for resolutions, but I always love the start of a new school semester or year because I enjoy big changes and fresh new schedules. Just as much as I enjoy new jobs and new haircuts, I think the new year brings a sense of big change and I'm headed back to things that are a bit different because everyone took a break and some rest with family. I agree that you're never going to suddenly become a new you. I think God loves us to take a moment and reflect on where we are and take stock of where he's wanting to guide us. The new year/holiday season has some good rest and down time to accomplish that, so I do, but I will remember to ignore the new me hype.

  3. So so true! It will be a constant process forever.

  4. Yes! Absolutely! I love the fresh year as well & all of it's possibilities but unfortunately "hype" is what a lot of marketing is offering.

  5. Thanks Holly for your sweet words. Having people accept who they are was a big part of my heart in this post so I'm so glad to hear that was communicated :)


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