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Before you get scared or excited, let me clarify.... I am NOT nor will I likely ever be a food blogger.
I am not good with coming up with recipes from scratch & I don't know nearly enough about spices or sauces. 

What I do enjoy is finding/learning/tweaking recipes.

I've always loved to have a reason to make something sweet or savory for an event but my real love for recipes grew when I became a wife. Really in those 6 months I sat on the couch unable to cook due to my shoulder injury. During that time, I couldn't do anything in the kitchen... but I could PIN. 

All this to say, I'm starting a new segment of my blog.... 

Today I will be sharing with you my momma's cheese ball recipe! 

For many years of my life, I avoided trying new foods... let's be honest, sometimes I still do.
But growing up it was even worse. My dad was a super picky eater and he was determined to make me the same way. Every time my mom would go to eat or make something he didn't personally like he would tell me how gross it was. Being the "Daddy's Girl" I was as a kid, I concluded that I wouldn't like it if my daddy didn't.

Seriously people... I didn't have salad until I was 17.... not joking. 

One of the many things that fell in that category of "gross" was CHEESE BALL.

I didn't actually try one until senior year of High School during a teaching demonstration in Speech & Drama class. One of my friends taught us how to make it for her presentation and we were all supposed to try it. (PICKY EATER'S NIGHTMARE!!!)

Not wanting to be rude, I ended up finding a new snack I loved!

My mom later introduced me to hers, which I'm convinced is the BEST one out there of course. 

I think I make it so much trying to make up for all those years my dad kept me away.

Here lately I've made it so much for Thanksgiving/Christmas/New Year's gatherings and it has been a huge hit! After numerous people asking for the recipe, I decided to share it! 
Meet my beautiful Momma....

Momma Nean's Cheese Ball
8oz cream cheese
8oz cheddar cheese
1/2 green bell pepper
1/4 yellow onion (can substitute white for a stronger onion taste)
1/2 sm can crushed pineapple
1 sm bag of walnut topping. 
1 box of Club crackers
First... get to chopping. 
Clean & chop 1/2 of a green bell pepper.
Set aside.

Dice off a segment of your onion. (I use less than 1/4 because I'm not huge on the onion.) 
Set aside with green pepper.

Drain your crushed pineapple & mix 3-4 tbsp of it with your cream cheese.

Then mix in your peppers & onions.
Once those are blended well,  mix in your bag of cheddar cheese.
Pat all your mixture together in a ball & refrigerate for 30-60 minutes.

Remove from the freezer and roll in walnuts! (I do mine in this glass pan so that I only end up with 50 walnuts all over my kitchen instead of the whole bag.....

Serve with Club crackers!
I went to take a picture shortly after sitting this one on the table New Year's Day and this hunk was already missing. 

Hope you enjoy! 
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  1. This cheese ball looks awesome! I've never made one before, but this looks super easy!

  2. You so should! It's always a crowd pleaser!


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