Daring to Dream: My 10 {somewhat} Secret Dreams

I'm so glad you've stopped by for the 2nd post in my series on Daring to Dream!

I've ALWAYS been a dreamer. I could spend hours on end dreaming up plans for the future and possibilities that could unfold.

I shared in my post yesterday why I've been suppressing dreams these last couple years & how God has flipped my view.

So today I'm going to do something that scares me a little {or maybe a lot}. 
I'm going to share my 10 secret dreams. 

My friend Lauren shared her 10 Secret Dreams  a few months ago & challenged her readers to share too.I've been hoping to do this since then but am just now working up the nerve. 

These are those ones I don't talk about much and if I do it's usually in a joking manner (that way no one ACTUALLY believes that I want to pursue them). These are not including my day to day dreams of knowing my Bible inside & out, discipling girls on a weekly basis, loving my husband way more than myself,  writing blogs that give a voice to infertility, or even to be known as a girl who shines bright beams of Jesus wherever I go. 

While those are all things I'm striving for, these are the big dreams that I've been putting off pursuing for WAY TOO LONG.

So here I go... {Deep Breath}

My 10 {Somewhat} Secret Dreams:

1.  Have a blog with 20,000+ hits/mo.  
So considering you are all reading my -blog- right now, I feel this is a fitting one to go first. In the last year God has given me a HUGE desire to write & be read. I love the community and impact that comes with blogging. I pray that as God gives me words to write and leads people to read them, He will use my blog as a means of ministry to many people.

2. Write a book. 
While we're on the topic of writing.... I've wanted to start jotting the words of a book for several years now. It's a prodding I've always pushed aside with the million excuses I have stored up. I don't feel like a good enough writer and to be honest I don't even know where to start. However this prompting that the Lord keeps giving doesn't come without His gentle reminder that I can't do this but He can. 

3. Share my songs with the world.
Not really the world... but you get the picture. Many of you probably just learned something about me you didn't know.... I'm a songwriter. I don't talk about it much or share my songs a ton either. I have lots stored up that have never made it on my computer let alone into the ears of another. While I have no aspirations of being a singer, I do feel like the Lord gave me these songs to be heard by more than the 4 walls of my home office. 

4. Drive a Mary Kay car.
So in case you didn't know... I'm all about my Mary Kay. I started selling in June and I love the parties and the skin care and the one-on-one facials. What I love about MK is the potential to keep on going even when I get my dream of becoming a mama & staying home with my babies. I have a long way to go before getting my car but I'm hoping to be much closer to it this time next year than I am right now.

5. Be a wife that brings joy & honor to her husband.
I'm not just talking about representing him well here. I'm talking about Proverbs 31 style bringing honor. As in others meet me, know me, work with me and it causes them to respect my husband. I want to be a woman who for years on end brings him joy by loving on him, respecting him, greeting him at the door, packing his lunch, and proofreading his sermons. 

6. Be a momma to 10+ kids.
There.... I said it. This is one of those that I joke openly about. "I would love to have somewhere around 10," I say. Most think I'm kidding or crazy one.... and maybe I'm a little of the latter. I've always wanted a huge family and between conceiving & adopting I want to mother 10+ children for the glory of the Lord to send out as disciples. 

7. Be part of revival in my hometown.
I love love love my hometown in Virginia. It's a great place full of many of loving, giving people. Sadly in the heart of this beautiful town are a lot of people who don't know Jesus as their Savior and many of those who do are unfulfilled in their walks & ministries. I want to be a part of a fire there that changes that. {More on this to come soon.}

8. Proclaim the Gospel to 5+ nations.
Joel & I both feel led to church planting and feel that eventually this will be overseas. Whether it's through short term stents or long missional journeys, I want to deliver the good news of Jesus to at least 5 other countries.

9. Initiate small group ministries for women struggling with infertility.
 I've always been heartbroken and burdened for women who couldn't conceive so easily. That burden and brokenness have only increased over this last year given that it's not been easy for us either. It's an area I feel is way too scarce in ministry and I want to do something about it. The women in my church who have been through that it that have come along side me have helped more than they'll ever know & I want others to have that support.

10. Organize & lead a conference for young girls.
This dream right here is one that God is pushing me way out of my comfort zone on. I've always had a passion for teen girls & young adult women but this is something He is laying the foundation for that blows me away.

So there ya have it....  my heart out on the table.

I'd love to hear some of your secret dreams! 
Would you be willing to leave even just one in the comments?



  1. YES! So much yes! So proud of you for getting these out there - that brings you another step closer to making them a reality! So encouraged by your daring to dream and trust in God to bring them to fruition for HIS glory!

  2. Wow. It takes a lot of courage to do put all of this out there!!! I love your heart. Cheers!

  3. Where in Virginia are you from? I grew up in Stafford!

  4. I'm from Honaker ( Tiny town about an hour east of Bristol). Where is Stafford?

  5. It's 5 minutes from Fredericksburg and Quantico Marine Corps Base

  6. Oh, Brandy, I love this idea! I have a lot of secret dreams that I suppress. I, too, dream of having a blog that reaches a lot of people. Here's hoping!

  7. Yes! Here's to hoping! :) Share those secret dreams :) It holds me accountable that they're out there and others can brainstorm and pray with you!


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