Why the name A Sweet Aroma?

On January 26, 2012 I sat down on the couch in my college condo and searched through Scripture for inspiration. I was ready to start my blog... in the busiest semester of my life.
Even though my reasons did justify it..... 
I had oddly come to find that I missed writing.
I loved reading my friend Lauren’s blog.
I had thoughts about God I wanted to share with others.
It just felt like the right time.

To be honest… I didn’t think anyone would read it.
I assumed it would mainly be for me to process what Jesus was teaching me.

As I searched through Scripture I came across this passage.

Though I had tossed around many names in my head, as soon as I read these verses I knew what I was going to name blog.

I wanted something that would suit me through many seasons of life.
 I wanted something that represented my desire.
I wanted something that represented the me I wanted to be. 
And so came A Sweet Aroma.

My heart’s cry was then and still is now that I would be a sweet aroma unto God.
One that points believers and unbelievers to Christ.
One that brings a pleasing offering before her Lord. 

For the first few months I tried to write once a month or so.

Then came July of 2012… the month that EVERYTHING changed.
The month I exited with all plans surrendered and nothing but a prayer for guidance.

The blog became my launch pad for sharing the story. 
A place where my friends and family could read to know the details of my logically absurd decisions.
That finished me through October of 2012.

After moving to Delaware my blog shifted gears to being somewhere that people could come for updates on life since I was living far away from most everyone I’d known.
I didn’t write much during that season of transition and adjustment.

Then came a new exciting chapter of this journey. 
I met Joel.
I got to share the story that I’d long prayed to have… the story of a strong, godly man pursuing my heart as God wrote our “better than a fairytale.”

We became The Millers in October of 2013. The fun of sharing our love story began and will continue for as long as I write.

January of 2014 came and my crazy busy life abruptly slowed. 

In all of those months sitting on the couch feeling very useless, I pleaded with God to be used. 
I wanted purpose. It was in that time He started stirring my heart to write as one of my primary ministries. On a beautiful April morning I had a chat with my friend Lauren and she encouraged me just to write about whatever came to me. I committed that morning that for the rest of the year I would write 2x a month. 

The more I typed out my thoughts, prayers, and teachings from the Lord, the more I wanted to write. Which led me into the next season of my blog.
The current season of blog.

Telling stories of laughter, marriage, Jesus, & the struggle to have a baby.

If you’ve been around here much at all lately you know that infertility is heavy on my heart. This space on the internet has opened doors of vulnerability, testimonies, prayer, and hope. The first time I felt God prompting me to share our struggle, I was scared. I didn’t know what to expect. Then email after email poured in of women in this same season. Email after email of encouragement and prayer. There are still times I don’t want to share the depths of my struggle with this, but I know He is calling me to. It amazes me how He is using our journey and our struggle to help others, to let them know they’re not alone, and to point them to Jesus…. 

Which is the whole point of this blog anyways and my life in general. 
To be a Sweet Aroma unto God.
A Sweet Aroma that points others to Him.

In my life, my ministry journey, my marriage, my suffering, I want to be A Sweet Aroma.
Whether in victory or struggle, on the mountain or in the valley, in infertility or motherhood, 
I want to be A Sweet Aroma. 

Will you pray this with me for your life?
That following His leading, leaning on His sufficiency, chasing your passions, and utilizing your gifts you too will be a sweet aroma for His glory and spread of His kingdom.




  1. I always love hearing the behind the scenes stories from bloggers, especially why they chose their name. I really like the name A Sweet Aroma, and was curious why you chose it. It's great because even though your life and what you focused on with your blog changes over the years, the name stays relevant. Love it!

  2. What a beautiful story of how your blog came to be!

  3. What an awesome back story and I love your blog's name. I'm so glad you decided to dive in and share your gift with your readers. I'm certain your story has been a real encouragement. #KeepDoingWhatYou'reDoing

  4. I love hearing the story of how people began writing and I love this one! I, for one am so thankful you started blog and letting the Lord lead you on what to talk about. You've ministered to me on more than one occasion. Thank you!

  5. Thank you so much! I pray it has encouraged others... that is why I pour so much time into it. Thanks for coming by!

  6. Thanks Faith! I praise God that He crossed our paths in bogland :)

  7. This was so beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing!! Your blog name is beautiful and sends off the perfect vibe of what this blog is about. Can't wait to read more and more! :)

  8. Thanks so much Anna! That's so sweet! I'm glad you stopped by! :)


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