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 I stumbled upon Logan's blog, With Great Expectation, a couple of months ago and immediately knew I'd be spending a lot of time there! Last month she tagged me in a getting to know you post. While I don't usually do these, I really enjoyed these questions and I thought it could be a good way for you all to learn some random facts about me. 


1. When did you first start blogging?
My blog first launched in January 2012 but I didn't become incredibly active with it until Summer/Fall 2014. You can read the story behind the name, how it started, and the journey of my blogging HERE.
2. What inspires you to keep blogging?
Many things really..... Blogging really helps me process my emotions and my journey. Sometimes I won't even know what I truly feel about something until I'm half way through a post about it. I feel like God gives me the desire to write and I see Him using it in our journey. My readers are a big reason.... I love hearing that somehow God used this little space to encourage someone's heart or point them to Christ. 
3. How would you describe your personal style?
Polka dots & flowers.... is there a name for that? I don't feel like style is one of my strengths. I love cute clothes but to me that usually means polka dots or flowers are involved.
4. What color describes your personality?
I would say Yellow. It can be a variety of things. I'm most often happy and sunshiney. However, when I'm sad, I'm really really sad. 
5. When you listen to music, what is your go-to?
All Sons & Daughters or Bethel Music for sure. Bethel has become a lot more popular lately but I'm surprised at how many people don't know about All Sons & Daughters! If you haven't heard their stuff, go check them out! You won't regret it!
6. What is the one food you cannot live without?
That is a toss up between PIZZA & Mexican food! I love both! 
7. If you had a $1,000 shopping spree to use at your favorite store, where would you choose?
Hobby Lobby! Between the craft supplies and the home decor I could drop $1,000 easily!
8. When you were a kid, what were you convinced would be your career?
This changed a ton for me as I got older. I think the most common ones were lawyer/politician and then later OB/GYN.
9. What chore is your least favorite?
Joel asked this question when we first got married. My answer was taking out the trash and cleaning the bathrooms. He assured me I'd never have to worry about the trash (and I don't! Thank you Husband!) and he would clean the bathrooms when he could. Most of the time he does those for me! ;)
10. Do you have any vacations planned for the year or have you already taken one?
Joel's brother is getting married in June and we will be flying to Arizona for that! I'm hoping by then we'll have a baby on board but if not, I would love to see us cruise again for our anniversary in October! 
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The rules are quite simple:
  • Copy the 10 questions and give your own answers in a post on your blog. Try to do the post within 2 weeks of getting tagged.
  • Tag 3 other bloggers to answer the questions. Link to their blog and be sure to comment on their blog to let them know that they have been tagged.
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  1. All Sons & Daughters!! I was so excited that they came to Shreveport for Valentine's Day- we were in the 2nd row and it was basically the most amazing night ever! <3

    We want to go on our 2nd cruise sometime too but it is just so hard to plan that far in advance ya know!

  2. I had never heard of them until I was in college and they came for chapel! Within the first song they had everyone in tears..... one of my favorite moments ever! I love to listen to them sing truth over me no matter how I'm feeling!


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