Dear momma's....

Dear expectant mommas, 

I know pregnancy must be hard. I'm sure that growing a human must take it's toll.
During the times when this season seems crazy difficult, please try to remember.... 

For every time you wish you weren't nauseous, I wish 10 times I was.
For every time you hate that your clothes don't fit, I'd give anything to have that problem.
For every time you feel blah because you're gaining weight, I am jealous of your growing belly. 
For every time you dread the pain of labor, I long to know that dread.
For every time you lay awake uncomfortable, I lay awake devastated.
For every time you feel extreme heartburn, I feel extreme heartbreak.
For every time you hear the words "You're huge.", I hear "When will you have kids?"

For every 5 of you there's one of me.


Dear infant mommas, 

I know caring for an baby must be trying. I'm sure that your job must take it's toll.
During the times when this season seems crazy difficult, please try to remember....

For every time you awake to a crying a baby, I awake to a childless house.
For every time you feel overwhelmed with nursing, I dream of feeding such a gift.
For every time you wish you weren't exhausted, I wish I was. 
For every time you get frustrated with an upset teether, I get frustrated with an empty womb.

For every 5 of you there's one of me.


Dear toddler mommas,

I know raising a toddler must be challenging. I'm sure it takes it toll.
During the times when this season seem crazy difficult, please try to remember.....

For every time you wish your child would just use the potty, I wish my child would just show up.
For every time you find drawings on your living room wall, I long to know the messiness of a tot in our home.
For every time you wonder if the chasing will every stop, I wonder if the chasing will ever start.
For every time you dream of the next season with less chaos, I dream of being in your season.
For every time you calm a monstrous meltdown, I hold back a meltdown all of my own.

For every 5 of you there's one of me. 


I don't share this to in any way minimize your struggles. You have one of the hardest roles in the entire world.
I just want you to also realize that you have one of the greatest privileges in the world.
So in the midst of snot and poop and tears, please remember what an incredible blessing you've been handed. 

One of the many 1 in 6, 



  1. Love your post, Brandy! When my friends found out about my struggles with infertility, they were amazed because I'm always crocheting people baby blankets. Why? Because I understand what a miracle pregnancy can be. I guess my struggle has made me realize how wonderful the joys AND struggles of motherhood can be, because it's something I've not been able to experience. We all have the tendency to forget the blessings in our lives and focus on our struggles. Thanks for pointing out that what we may have in our lives today, someone else is praying for it because they need it in their life. May we all take time today to focus on our blessings. Have a great week!

  2. What a great reminder, Brandy! What I love about your posts is that even though I'm not a mom or trying to be right now, I can apply the wisdom in your posts to other areas of life. I'm often tempted to look at the negative instead of the positive. For example, I tend to get down about the things I don't like about my job, instead of being grateful that I have a job.

  3. Joni Keichline' ArnaoMarch 17, 2015 at 10:57 PM

    Love you Brandy- I know the lord will bless you with a child- i will share with you both of my sisters were not able to have children in the conventional way. I did not have this problem i worried for years that i also would have the same problems they did i was so scared. My sister cindy adopted our beautiful amazing niece at one day old cindy had many fertility problems,and god blessed us with natalia. Natalia is now 11 and she is our heart. My prayers are the lord will bless you and joel with a child to give all your love - <3

  4. How enlightening. It can be so easy to forget that becoming a mother isn't always as easy as we think. Thank you so much for the reminder.

  5. I love this. It is so spot on to how it feels to be struggling with infertility and surrounded by mama's. I am so glad I found your blog.

  6. Yes we surely do have that tendency. <3 Thanks for stopping by and your encouragement!

  7. Thank you Jenna! That is my hope that no matter what the season we can all see our blessings in a new light.

  8. <3 So sweet Joni! thank you for your prayers!

  9. I'm sure it can be... the same way i forget to take it into account about having many of my blessings. Glad it was a good reminder.

  10. I'm so glad you found it too Nicole. Praying for you right now.


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