Life is So Fragile

Saturday was busy from the start. From the moment my feet hit the floor, I was rushing. 
Rushing to dip cake pops for a birthday party. 
Rushing to help with final decor at the wedding venue. 
Rushing to get my outfit, hair, and make up all prepped. 
Rushing to get to my seat before the bride walked down the aisle. 

After the vows were said, dinner was eaten, the dance floor held it's fun, and hugs of congrats were given, it seemed like a perfect day. (Ya know except for the one batch of cake pops that never got dipped because of my lack of time and the unexpected May heat.) 

Husband and I left the wedding with happy hearts and great memories... new ones made and old ones relived. The rushing only continued when we got home though. I was prepping to leave Sunday to be out of town for a few days and the packing was still left to be done. I had just finished that task and was asking the weekly question "What will I wear to church?" when everything went on pause. 

It's funny how when the phone goes off at 11pm, instant panic runs through your veins. Within a split second your (well at least mine) mind thinks of seemingly every possible worse case scenario. But I never thought of this. I never could have. 

The call was from my dear friend Amanda. A sweet spunky girl that was my cheerleading base partner in college. I got to my phone just as the ringing ended but immediately called back with fear of what was coming. Rightfully so.

The news she delivered still makes me nauseous. 
Molly was gone.... along with her husband and her baby. 
Just like that. Head on collision. Just. Like. That. 

Molly had been Amanda's roommate in college. She too was a cheerleader. She was a bright, bubbly, Jesus-loving girl who EVERYONE loved. Her smile was contagious.

Three years ago I stood on the stage and watched her dance down the aisle to the most fitting song for her.... My Girl.  Just one year ago I ooooooed and ahhhhed over the pictures of her newborn baby girl. 

Just like that... they were all taken in an instant. 

We know tragedy happens. 
We see on the news. We hear about it on Facebook. We watch yet another Grey's character die off. 
And sure it makes us think. 

But when it hits this close to home..... it makes you sick. 
It makes you really think. 
It's devastating, earth-shattering, and humbling.

Because the truth sinks in that you, me, any of us.... could be gone. Just. Like. That.
Because life is so very fragile.

So I write this as a reminder. A reminder to me and to you. 
To soak up the moments. 
To cherish the memories.
To live in the light of eternity.

Hug your husband a little longer. Give your mom a call. Snuggle your kids even closer. Text your friend when she crosses your mind. Help the person you've had on your heart. Forgive your sibling no matter what. Give in a way that leaves a legacy. Spend your time on what matters most. 
Because you never know when that time will be the last. 
I think we all need that reminder.

 (photo from Mountain City Funeral Home)

Though Molly and I had been close in college, much changed after I moved here to DE. We kept in touch by texting every few months and it had been a little while since I talked with her last. I say that to say this.... would you please pray for their families and friends? Though she wasn't a part of my everyday life anymore, this accident has shaken me more than I could have ever imagined. I know if my world is this shaken then their families must be destroyed. So would you please pray for them? For her high school best friend Kati (bridesmaid on my left)?  Would you please take a minute a pray for my friend Amanda (bridesmaid on my right) who was so so close to Molly? She is carrying a precious baby inside of her right now so could you please pray for her baby and her pregnancy in the midst of all this stress? I ask because I know you will. So many of you graciously pour out prayers for us every week... so today I'm asking that you'll pray for them. Thank you.
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