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 I did receive free product in exchange for this review from eShakti. However all opinions are my own and I would not share with you any product I didn't love! 

I'm not a fashion blogger, nor will I likely ever be one. It's just not my gift. However, I am all about sharing with you some of my best finds.... and this dress is one of those!

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I love dresses in general. So when eShakti reached out to me about reviewing their product, I was so very excited! Not only are the prices great and the shipping quick, but everything is custom! 

You select the design and then from there you get to choose sleeve type, neckline, dress length, and even whether or not you want pockets (which by the way is always a YES for me)! You can select a size based off their measurements and just add height (another huge bonus for this under 5' girl) or you can put in all your unique measurements.

This is my casual take on this dress and how I would wear it to church or on a date. But I also love that it can easily be dressed up. I recently wore it to my brother-in-law's wedding with a gold and ivory belt with ivory flats. 

It is even has these super cute buttons down the back... all bonuses in my book.

They have all different styles and even have great options for bridesmaid dresses! Especially if all of your bridesmaids live in different places. I only wish they had a Maternity line! 

They are always running great sales (sometimes even buy 2 get 1 free)! Also right now for signing up on their email list you get a $35 gift coupon! 

Shop now at!
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