Having Joy in every season.

A couple months ago I had the opportunity to write a post for A Home Called Shalom after Ally and I connected through the Peony Project. She's doing a beautiful series over there about the fruit of the Spirit and how it should always be "in season." 

I had the opportunity to write about JOY and honestly I'm so glad that I wrote this post BEFORE we got the news of this little bundle of joy growing inside of me. Because though this baby has brought us so much joy, he/she is not the root of our joy. 

A couple quotes from the post: 

"That’s the easy part right? Feeling joy when everything in life seems to be going your way. When the evidence of all your prayers heard and His faithfulness counted is right before your eyes." 

So head on over to A Home Called Shalom and read the rest of the post HERE!

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