Most Common Questions about Baby Miller

When I find out someone is pregnant I usually have a million questions. I'm a details person and for those of you who've stuck around this long or are randomly reading this post, I'm going to assume you are too. These have been the most commonly asked questions so far: 

When is your due date?
Our due date is Feb 5th! This is so incredibly special as my Dad (who passed away when I was 16) had February 7th as his birthday. It’s super exciting to think of having our Sweets somewhere around that week.

How far along are you?
I know… no wants to do that much math. Ha. I am 6 weeks and 4 days! 

Are you having any symptoms? 
Yes! While I started having some symptoms before my positive test (I’ll be sharing about those later), here are the symptoms I’m currently feeling the most consistently: fatigue, nausea, very frequent urination, bloating MAJOR, lower back aches/mild twinges and cramping, breast tenderness, acid reflux I’m loving every single moment though. Every time a symptom strikes, it’s a reminder of what a miracle is going on inside of me. 

How are you feeling? Are you just so excited?
We both feel on cloud 9! It feels so unreal. Month after month ended with negatives and crushed dreams and having a baby seemed so far off. All of that waiting makes this time even more special. We feel so so blessed and thankful to know this joy. 

Are you fearful of a miscarriage… especially since you are sharing so early?
I will talk more about why we are sharing early and I have another post coming shortly about the moment with God that helps me with anxiety. I will say this though…. Right now we are rejoicing on what is and not what could be. I feel so blessed to carry a child in my womb for any amount of time. I pray so diligently that this baby will go full term and we will have the chance to raise this child outside of my womb, but living in the fear of miscarriage would only steal the joy of this season. And what good is the fear going to do me? It doesn’t mean that when I have a small cramp or I think about other’s stories the thought doesn’t cross my mind… believe me it does. But I’m not sitting there and dwelling on it. 

Did you do anything different this month? Had you given up?
No and no. We did not do anything different this month. We were still in the spot that I shared in February that we did not feel peace with proceeding down fertility treatments path and we were just doing our normal thing. Only minimal mental charting and no medicines. We had not given up though.We were holding to hope that one day God would bless us with a baby… we just know how long it would take to get us there.

Wow… so it was just all in God’s perfect timing huh?
Can I be honest?… This was my least favorite phrase when we were trying to get pregnant. Not because I don’t believe His timing is perfect and not because I think the point is not valid. But because it was so often used as a “band aid” or pat answer as if knowing God’s timing was perfect should make it not difficult to wait. Anyone who’s waited a long time for God’s plan to unfold knows that knowing God’s timing is perfect doesn’t take away the pain and the longing in the waiting. All that being said… yes. His timing is perfect. And yes. For so many reasons this was the perfect time and we can see that. But for those of you still waiting, I know that the month to month no’s are still so hard. 

Have you been to the doctor yet?
Yes. The reproductive center that did all of our testing will follow my first trimester before releasing me to an OB. I went the day we found out for blood work and 2 times after. All my levels were good with a slight dip in my progesterone and climbing HCG every time. Yesterday we had our first ultrasound and it was one of the greatest experiences of my life. I lost it when I saw that little heart beating. Heart rate was 120 and Sweets was measuring right on target for 6 weeks 3 days! 

Are we rooting for pink or blue? Do we have a hunch either way?
I don’t currently have a hunch or really even a preference. I’m still just trying to wrap my head around being pregnant. A friend of mine who’s usually pretty good at guessing says she feels like Sweets is a girl. Joel is of course rooting for a girl as he wants that little Daddy’s girl so very bad. (It’s so darn cute.) I used to say I wanted a boy first because I loved the thought of having a big brother growing up. However, after seeing Joel’s extreme desire for a girl and waiting so long, I’m really neutral in my preference. Another cool thing is if we have a boy it will be the first grandSON on Joel’s side (as we have two precious niece’s - 10 & 1month). If we have a girl it will be the first grandDAUGHTER/great-grandDAUGHTER on my side (my step brother has an adorable 11mo and my first cousin has a 14mo baseball loving giant ha…. be still my crazy heart). So either way, one family is going to get the joy of a new gender and buying a different color. 

Do we have names picked out yet?
Yes. Yes. Yes. (Truth: we've had a list since we were engaged.) But we're not ready to share those yet! Don't worry we won't leave you hanging too long.... just until the gender is determined. 

What other questions do you have for me? 
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