The future of this blog & a 10 week update

Can I just pour out my heart and intentions for a moment before all the fun baby updates? I questioned what the future of this blog would look like after I got pregnant. I battled on whether or not to do pregnancy updates or pour out the details of this bundle of joy. Not because I don't want to share them with you but simply because I know how bad it can hurt to sit on the other side. I remember feeling like so many around me were progressing (so quickly in my mind) but my dream still felt so far away. Except for close friends and family and those who had also struggled, I tried to avoid "bumpdates" and pregnancy stories because it just seemed to hurt so bad. 

So in light of my previous season and my current one, what does the near future of this blog hold? This was the question I kept asking myself and the Lord. God reminded me that when I started A Sweet Aroma it was for the purpose of blogging through and sharing what God was teaching me in each season of life. I didn't start this blog as an infertility blog and I had no idea it would be such a big part of our journey. I had no idea what a huge place that community of couples would take up in my heart. I feel like because my eyes have been opened to the 1 in 6 fertility issue and I know the longing that can come with that, I can not stop addressing it in my blogs. There are many more infertility resources and prayers to come on this little space I call home. 

At the same time, I don't want to hold out sharing with those of you who have so faithfully prayed for this baby. I know this victory is not just our own but yours as well and I want you to be able to rejoice with us as much as you wish. Because of this, I will continue to blog about our pregnancy with baby updates every 5 weeks or so and a constant flow of what God is teaching me through this season of our lives. 

I promise to strive to do this with the upmost of sensitivity for those of you still waiting. I will always clearly state when I'm doing a baby update and I will not have my feelings hurt if you are not in a place to read them. Also, I want you to know that I still pray for you daily and would love so much to pray for you by name (if I'm not already). Please comment below or email me at 

With all that being said, here's a 10 week update!

Sweet Baby:

* About the size of a prune.
 * Now has arms and legs!
* Is starting to develop teeth buds. 
* Has been seen 3 times. HR: 120, 160, 150
* Is guessed to be a girl by most everyone. 
(One person has guessed boy and I still have no feeling either way.)
* Has completely stolen our hearts.
* Is due February 5th. 


* Is still in shock she's a mommy.
* Loves the belly band. 
* Has found some really good maternity deals (Old Navy & Ross).
* Has her first appointment with the midwife on Monday.
(I have been monitored by my Reproductive Specialist through the 1st trimester.)
 * Craves pizza all the time.
* Can't cook chicken.
* Is nauseous in the morning and at night but hasn't been puking.
* Enjoys sleep a ton right now.
* Loves every second of this blessed season.
* Thanks God every day for little Sweets.


* Tells Baby bye before work daily.
* Is hoping for a Daddy's girl.
* Spoils Mommy by fulfilling cravings and cooking chicken.
* Is already super protective.
* Celebrated his first Father's Day as a daddy.
* Loves seeing Baby grow on ultrasounds.
* Feels like time is already moving too fast.
* Thanks God every day for little Sweets.

So there you have it! 10 down and 30 to go! I'm liking the pace right now... slow enough to enjoy pregnancy but fast enough that I feel like my face to face meeting is come very soon. 

Question I'm polling momma's with.... when did you first feel flutters?

For all you readers: what other information would you like to know on these? 
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  1. I think my first flutters were at 20 weeks, but I have a friend who felt POUNDING at 16 weeks :) I'm so glad you are enjoying this beautiful season :) PS- I think the future plan for your blog sounds perfect! xoxo

  2. you are such a thoughtful lady! love your heart. i had an anterior placenta, so i didn't feel any movement until after 20 weeks! he's was moving all around at the anatomy ultrasound (at 18 weeks) and i didn't feel a thing, lol.

    1. That's wild! I just had a close friend tell me the exact thing yesterday! Thanks for sharing!

  3. I first felt flutters about 17-18 weeks'll feel kind of like a tummy rumbling, but more pinpointed. I'm excited to stay updated!


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