Funny Quotes from Husband on Pregnancy

To say Joel is excited about this baby on the way is an understatement. Watching him become a dad has already been one of my favorite seasons of marriage and I know it will only get better from here. 
In the midst of all the love and excitement he's said some pretty funny statements during this first trimester. So I hope you enjoy a good laugh! 
The night of the Thursday we found out....
"Wifey, I'm going to need you to be super careful everything you do..... you're not wearing high heels anymore."
"Are you allowed to lay on your stomach? Won't that hurt the baby?"

When discussing natural labor and the skin to skin after...
"I'm going to be jealous of all your skin to skin time. She's my daughter too. I'm the daddy."
(Just for the record.... no we don't know gender yet but Husband is convinced it's a girl.)
"We were 7 weeks on Thursday right?"
"No, Friday."
"But we found out on a Thursday. .... Oh wait."

"8 months to go... wait 7 and half. It's going too fast. Before you know it they'll be graduating. Make it slow down." 

Joel discussing all the reasons it MUST be a girl....
"Tiffany says it's a girl and she is always right.
The heart rate is 160. 
Almost everyone thinks it's a girl.
And you're a girl." 

Haha... that's my personal favorite. Let's just say he's in for a big surprise if it's a boy. Since my last update though, I've had 3 more people guess boy :) So we will see! 
What funny things did you husband say when you were pregnant?
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  1. While my Mom-in-law was in labor with my husband: Doctor comes in "Aright Leslie I'll come back when you're 8 cm dilated." Rick's (father-in-law) reaction "What!? There's no way her pupils can dilate that big!!" Most clueless dad ever award! 😂


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