October takes me back.

Every year when the calendar flips to the 10th month of the year I find myself walking down memory lane.
Maybe it's because it's my birthday month, or that it's arrival means that Thanksgiving and Christmas aren't too far off, or that I simply love the changing leaves and crisp Fall air... but October has always been my favorite. 

October takes me back you see...

Back to being a young girl excited for my birthday party.
To evenings after school spent in hoodies playing outside. 
To the days of high school volleyball when games and practices filled my schedule and perfecting a back-set was my biggest goal.
To the thrill of Homecoming Week complete with shirt painting, dress-up days, and float decorating.
To the excitement of Friday night football in my classic small town.
To my Sweet 16 and my very first car.
To bonfires with friends during my senior year knowing everything we'd known was about to change.
To driving home from college through the most beautiful blend of red, orange, and yellow.
To walking to class through the piles of leaves blowing.
To the mix of emotions that flooded when I moved to Delaware.
To the settling into a new normal, a new home.
To the back road drives through the colorful tunnel of trees.
To a month full of wedding planning and thrill of what was to come.
To celebrating and decorating with most of the dearest people to my heart.
To my heart racing faster as I prepared to walk down that long burlap covered aisle.
To making vows to my Groom and singing praises to our Lord.
To leaving on our honeymoon filled with more joy than I could stand.
To my family visiting for my birthday and my Grams seeing the ocean for the very first time.
To snuggling with Husband on the couch eating chili and watching movies.

October holds so many grand memories for me.
I'm excited for all the ones this October will bring.

What memories does October bring for you?
What month of the year is your favorite?
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