for His glory and my good

Every year at my birthday I like to take a little time to reflect on the year past and look ahead to the year to come. Yesterday (Monday) I turned 26 so while my two loves are fast asleep, I'm taking a minute to type my thoughts....

There are years where not much changes... where no major events happen and day to day life looks much like it did the last year on this day. I haven't really any of those in the last several years. The last 8 years have included senior year and graduations, my first year of college, a split of (what was then) my family unit, leaving college to move to Delaware, meeting Joel and getting engaged, our first year of marriage, the loss of my grandpa, and struggling with infertility, being pregnant... and then this last year was mostly spent with our little Levi. 

In the last 8 years I've had some of the highest highs and lowest lows that I imagine I'll ever have in my life. But this year has probably been the sweetest. Getting to live life in pursuit of Christ with the husband and son He has given to me fills my heart until it seems as though it will burst. If I'm being really honest, sometimes I almost feel guilty about how good life is right now. I think of the many people suffering with loss and grief, those still waiting on their dream of a family, and those who are just plain lost. Reality is they just scratch the surface of the suffering around the world. 

There's a song I used to listen too when I longed so deeply for a child of my own. It's by All Sons & Daughters titled "For Your Glory & My Good." There's a line in it that's always tugged on my heart...
" whether suffering or free from laboring, it's for Your glory and my good"

Beautiful isn't it? 
As hard as it was sometimes, I believed that when I was in the wake of my grandpa's passing and my right arm was unusable from a car accident, and my womb was left empty every single month. Sometimes I had to fight to believe it and rest in grace in the waves of disbelief... but I did believe it.

But right now, I feel I'm in a season that's "free from laboring" as the song says. Not that our life is perfect and we never have trials or don't look forward to things to come.... but I feel like it's a season where the struggles are so minimal compared to others I've been through. This season is so full of smiles and laughter and soaking it all in... and of course Jesus (which every season really is).

I don't know why specifically God is blessing us with this beautiful season where life is just so sweet or how long it will last but I do know that it's for His glory and my good.... 
and I know I'm so so thankful for it.

So if you're stuck right now in a season of suffering, I hope you'll go listen to this song and ask God to help you continue to trust Him even in the toughness. And I hope that soon you enter a season free from laboring for His glory and your good. 
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