Our Little Levi | 10 Months

Yesterday  our little Levi turned TEN months old! We are far too close to that first birthday for Momma's liking. These last couple months have been so much fun. I love every season but this one has been my favorite so far.
Levi is growing and at his 9 month appointment was 17lbs 3oz... but that was the day after the stomach bug so who knows what he is now. He's in 9 month clothing and size 4 diapers. He's still nursing quite a bit but he loves food. He's quite comical to watch eat as claps his hands and yells "more" before he even has the last bite swallowed.

He started crawling on my sister's wedding day (September 4th) and started pulling up and cruising within the next few weeks. Now between the couches, his push walker from Nana, and his push or ride JEEP he can anywhere he wants to go.... which kind of freaks me out a little. You never know how many "non kid-friendly" items you have until the baby is on the move. 

He's become quite the talker... sometimes understood an sometimes just jibber jabber. His consistent words are: more, milk, hi/hey, mama, dada. This past week while we were visiting VA, he picked up Nana pretty well and surprised all by saying "Jack" three times before Uncle Jack and Auntie Kate left town. This kid loves people and interaction so much that I'm not surprised at  how much he talks.

His new favorite toys are his remote (because he loved ours so much), his push walker, Jeep, and little people farm animals. However, none of these compare to a steering wheel, water bottle, magazine, or the Direct TV remote. 

These last couple months have been such a joy. It's been so fun watching Levi explore and figure things out. We celebrated Auntie Kate's wedding and spent a week at the beach (which he loved). Then we celebrated Joel's birthday, my birthday, and our anniversary. He got to meet some great great aunts and uncles. He had his first trip of apple picking and spent another trip to VA visiting. He also went to his first circus and got to see the sweet college I once called home.

We're so thankful for these 10 amazing months.

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