This is good.... but there's something better.

On Friday last week I was driving home to get a little dolled up for our third anniversary date. It was one of those times when life just seemed so so sweet... the leaves were at their beautiful peak on the back roads here in Delaware, the sun was setting and glistening on the freshly harvested fields, I could see Levi's sleepy face in the mirror in the back seat, and I was excited to go out on a date night to celebrate the three wonderful years we've shared as husband and wife. This particular evening, the local country station was playing in the background, something I'm in the mood for every now and again. I wasn't far from my house when "I Love This Life" filled my car. It struck a chord with me and I was singing along the few words of the song I knew and loving that the song was about loving and enjoying such everyday things. 

That's when God brought to mind when one of my favorite verses.

Psalm 63.3
Because Your steadfast love is better than life, my lips will praise You.

When life is tough, it's important to remember that His love is better and greater than all you're experiencing. But can I tell you that I so rejoice that even when life feels so good and so sweet..... His love is so much better and sweeter than life itself. When we can enjoy the mundane and soak in the seasons of life through the lens of that great love, nothing compares. 

"Love life."
"Cherish the moment."
"Seize the day." 

All these are mantras we hear and find on wall art. As moms we hear even more specifically...
"Enjoy this age."
"They'll be grown before you know it."
"Just you wait till they're teenagers."

The present is so important and it is such a gift. I wholeheartedly believe that Jesus wants us to enjoy Him and the blessings He has given us and cherish those. But without letting those point us back to the loving heart of God, we miss the whole point. The joy should stop us in our tracks to praise Him.

Yesterday we spent a couple hours at the park with some friends. I took a couple pictures of Levi where he was cheesing it up. As I looked at them, I couldn't help but hope that he always enjoys life as much as he does right now. But more than that, I want him to grow in the love of the Lord. Because I know as he does, there will be joy. And I pray that whether in valleys or on gorgeous mountain tops we can point him to the love that is so much better than anything this life could offer him. I pray that in every blessing and every great day we can see that God's love is so much sweeter than even that.

Man I do love this life.... 
but I love the sweet love He gives so much more.... 
because it's so much better.

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