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A couple of weeks ago, we did our first full beach day of 2017. I'm always anxious to get our beach days underway and usually start begging around the first weekend of May. But this year our trip to California (more on that later) and Joel's trip to Liberia pushed our first beach day of the year to the last day of June. 
It's still a little surreal to me that I live in a place where we can hit the beach as a day trip instead of a 7 hour drive for a one week vacation. I wouldn't trade those Virginia mountains I call home for anything or anywhere but I love that God has me this close to the ocean currently. 
This was Levi's first day on the beach as a walking  running one-year-old. As you'll see... he loved it. I definitely won't be documenting this much of every family beach day but given that this was his first one since last year, I tried to balance documenting and playing. 
The last couple of years, we've purchased a surf tag for the beach. This allows us to drive on and Joel to fish. Driving on makes it so so easy. I literally never get my flip flops out of the truck and no packing Levi on a hike across the hot sand. It's straight to playing for him. 

Of course we hadn't been playing long when Levi decided he wanted a snack. This boy and applesauce (and the clean up that follows) always means laughter. 

Then it was back to "work" for Levi. He cracks me up with his seriousness sometimes. He can be totally crazy but you give him a "job" to do or a project to work on and he's all business.
Surf fishing is the perfect trade off for Joel and I. He gets to fish and I get to be on the beach all day. It was so nice getting some pictures of Joel... real ones. Love his heart, he really doesn't get the whole purpose of documentary photos sometimes. Every time he sees me go to snap a shot, he turns to me and smiles. I love those too but it was nice to catch some of him actually caught up in something. 

So typical Levi... dancing and trying to get my camera.

I rarely ever remember to get a picture of just Joel and I. I wasn't even sure I could do it with my DSLR but we did! Meanwhile Levi decided he wanted to play peek-a-boo. He was so sure he was surprising us. 

 Wonder where Levi gets his serious working from? 

But in Levi's world nothing trumps playing ball with Daddy. 

Usually when we drive on we pick up hoagie rolls and do subs on the beach for lunch and then we head to Rehoboth or Bethany for Grotto's pizza. We packed up a little early this time as we wanted to let Levi do some rides at Fun Land BEFORE pizza haha. 

 This was Levi's first time getting to ride anything at Fun Land and he had a blast. It's such a perfect beach boardwalk spot. He was so excited when we ran into friends and he got to do a boat ride with his buddy Jude. 

It was so hard to get pictures of him smiling on these because 90% of the time, he was focused on driving (especially in the Fire Truck). He had a great time though and often stayed on for multiple rides over and over. 

We finished the night at Grotto's on the beach. It's tradition... and always amazing. We met the sweetest couple who gave Levi a bite of their pizza while we were waiting for ours and also gave him one of the many sharks they had won playing games. They said all their kids were grown but they very much remembered these days. They were so thoughtful. 

All in all, it was  wonderful beach day. Someone made the comment the other day that this would be Levi's only summer as a one-year-old. It was a really exciting and sad realization. I know I'll adore him at every stage of life but boy am I loving him being ONE! 


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