20 Week Update | Baby Miller #2

It's hard to believe that it's 2018! This has undoubtedly felt like the fastest year of my life. On Jan 1 I hit the 20 week milestone and am officially halfway to full term! Here's a little update on how we're all doing! 

(Levi and I on a pit stop to VA, dancing in the snow.... and the only current bump photo I have.)

BABY | Little Baby is now 10 inches long and about the size of a paper airplane. He or she is forming lips, eyelashes, and eyebrows this week along with getting a skin treatment with all the protective white stuff. This baby (like Levi) is definitely an active one. We can't wait to get our next glimpse of him/her at our Level 2 Scan next week. (I'll be sharing gender and lots of photos pronto.)  Baby sure does have a lot of people who are so in love already. 

MOMMA | Minus a nasty chest cold I've picked up, I feel great. By 16 weeks last time, I had already had some blood pressure rising and that has not been the case this time. I am so thankful for that! I am starting to have some trouble sleeping at night but feeling kicks and tumbles every day makes it all worth it. I love love this stage of pregnancy.

DADDY | Joel is currently in Puerto Rico on a missions trip. He got to feel a little movement before he left but I feel certain that when he gets home this weekend he'll feel the more prominent kicks he's been looking forward to. 

BROTHER | Levi is still obsessed with the baby and comes over randomly throughout the day to kiss the baby. Seriously, he/she is still in my womb and already gets more Levi kisses than I do. It's so cute though. This week we've been in VA while Daddy was away and he's loved getting to tell and show everyone where "his baby" is. All I know is someone better have the video rolling and a box of tissues for me when he meets this child. 

(Levi being obsessed with the Baby in the manger.) 

I do have a polling question this time! (I forgot how much I enjoyed doing these!) 

How old was your first when you had your 2nd? How much of your pregnancy/delivery did they understand? 



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