Levi is TWO

What a beautiful and wonderful year it has been. As I type this, I can't help but get tears in my eyes thinking of all the JOY that has come with my one-year-old this past year. I seriously can't believe that he's TWO. 

Growing || To be honest we have not had Levi's two year check up yet. I know he's around 25lbs but have no idea how tall. He's in 18-24m clothing and he eats pretty much like an adult... just much messier and with a lot more goldfish and fruit snacks. 
Playing and Learning ||  Levi is still obsessed with playing ball and riding around on toys. He's allot incredibly fascinated with Captain America and the Avengers (which he calls "rawrs"). He loves to read books and work puzzles and build Lego towers and draw/color. Another favorite of his is helping us in the kitchen which is why he will be waking up to a play one in our living room this morning. 

Adventures || Since I wrote about our adventures at 18 months (you can read that here), Levi has been to VA 2 more times, enjoyed the Rohr family reunion, and went on vacation at Topsail Island for a week.... where he also found out that he's a big brother! He loved trick-or-treating, doing fall activities, playing in the snow, and preparing for Christmas! For his birthday we are taking him on a fun adventure to Christmas CandyLane! 

Memories || We all know by this point that I have a slight obsession with documenting life. Early in the year, after doing three ONE sessions for friends, I quickly learned it's one of my absolute favorite seasons to document. So this year one of my missions was to capture the essence of Levi's oneness in photos. I'm so thankful I did this and thankful I can share some them with all of you. 

Oh how we have loved these days! Here's to Levi being TWO! We are so excited to watch him grow! 




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