27 Week Update | Baby Miller #2

Well it's been an exciting few weeks since I posted at 20 weeks! On January 12th we found out that we are welcoming our 2nd little BOY! We are thrilled to be adding another little man to our family and have named him Malachi Joel.

The last couple months have been quite busy with travel. We took a little pre-baby getaway to Great Wolf Lodge for a few days and Levi and I did our last trip to VA before birth while Daddy was in Haiti earlier this month. We are so thankful for wonderful trips but are happy to be home and spend the next few months relaxing and preparing.

ultrasound photos from our 26 week scan

BABY | Malachi is measuring right on track with his due date in May. He's roughly the size of a bunch of bananas and weighs almost 2lbs. At this point all of his organs are developed and it's time for weight gain and brain growth along with further developing his already in place organs. He is crazy active when he gets going and literally makes me giggle with his kicking and turning. He also is already over having his picture taken and literally kept his hand in front of his face almost my whole last ultrasound. 

MOMMA | I am in shock that I'm entering my third trimester! I honestly feel overall amazing. I wake up with leg cramps most nights and carrying Levi is no easy task, but mostly I feel great. Every few days i have to take a nap while Levi does and I definitely need 8+ hours in bed at night to be functional vs my normal 6-7. Many have asked if my pregnancy this time has been similar to Levi's. That would be a big NO! Praise be to God, I have had NO swelling, headaches, or blood pressure spikes which were all regular occurrences with his pregnancy. I'm so thankful to be discussing full term game plans with my doctors this time instead of setting "late term preemie" goals like last time. On the home front, I'm loving sorting clothes and making lists as we prep for his (hopefully MAY) arrival. 

DADDY | Joel is (like the rest of us) incredibly excited about another boy! He grew up with brothers close in age and we love the thought of Levi having that with Malachi. He's helping me get prepared with all my tote moving needs. He's happy to be home from a busy couple months and won't be traveling any more until Malachi's at least a few months old. 

Levi loved our getaway to Great Wolf Lodge

BROTHER | Levi is still obsessed with my belly and loves giving him kisses. We've been calling him "baby brother" and "baby Malachi" but to him it's still "my baby" or "daddy's baby." HA. I honestly think he's assumed we were having a baby boy from the get go. On a practical note, he is finally in a really good bedtime routine that will make it easier for us when baby brother arrives. We are going to give our first shot at potty training this month as he's showing interest and frustration with wet diapers. We'll see how it goes.

Polling question: Was your 1st potty trained when you had your 2nd? What were the pros/cons of him or her being/not being?



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