37 Week Update | Baby #3

Hooray for BIRTH MONTH and FULL TERM! I am so so thankful and excited to be celebrating the 37 week mark! It's been an eventful few weeks around here with company company visiting, a trip to VA, our church moving into its new home, and of course baby prep! This will most likely be the last pregnancy update I write unless she comes late and I'm feeling overzealous to document! 

CORA MAE |  This sweet girl literally kicking the computer as it type this haha. I suppose it is sitting half on her and half on the pillow in my lap (because a desk chair is just too uncomfortable by the end of the day). She's definitely most active at night -- specifically around 12-1:30am. Many nights if I don't get to sleep before that period, I just have to give up on getting to sleep until she settles down. At this point she's probably roughly 6lbs but she hasn't been measured in 3 weeks but developmentally she's good to go and just going to pack on weight until she breaks free. Thanks to so so many people who are already spoiling her, she has quite the wardrobe waiting for her along with the cutest basket of swaddles you've ever seen and lots of bows and accessories. We didn't get any photos of her at my most recent ultrasound because her face was tucked into my hip but here's a photo of her from 2 ultrasounds ago: 

MOMMA | I'm thankfully doing really well. I did have a random (my first) gall bladder attack at 34 weeks. After being up all night in pain, we headed to maternity triage around 5:30am to discover that I have gallstones. I was honestly just relieved that was what it was and nothing pregnancy related and thankfully I haven't had any episodes since. I'm thankful to only be dealing with normal end of pregnancy discomforts like pressure and hip aches and fatigue. My blood pressure has continued to be normal and haven't had any extreme swelling or other signs of preeclampsia. I'm getting excited for labor and have got most of my hospital bag together at this point. I've been discussing my "if all goes well wishlist" with my midwife and unless something changes she sees no need for induction which I'm thrilled about! I'm soaking up every last bit of these tumbles and kicks in my big round belly. It's still bitter sweet for me as pregnancy comes to an end but I'm for sure getting more and more anxious to see her face to face and get all the snuggles on the outside! 

DADDY | Joel has officially completed all the major projects we wanted finished before her arrival! He has couple more small things to do to help me with final touches in her nursery but if she shows up before they're done it's really no big deal. In between a very busy few weeks with work, he and I got to slip away for 24 hours this past weekend for a little Babymoon. It was nice to have some kid free time before we add a 3rd into the mix. He's been a trooper doing much of the cooking around here and of course all of the heavy lifting during the nesting process while also finishing up one final class before he takes the remainder of 2020 off from seminary. He's kind of hoping Cora Mae comes on his birthday (21st) and she's due on the 24th-25th (cycle says one, ultrasound measured another). Unless something changes (I doubt it will.) he's the only person allowed in the room when she's born so he's going to get to double as labor support and photographer haha... I'm sure he can handle it. 

BIG BROTHERS | These two are still quite obsessed with "Baby Sister Cora Mae". They've loved opening gifts for her and Malachi says "for baby tister" any time he sees something pink ha. Levi is starting to get impatient with her arrival ha. I suppose 8 months (from the time we found out) is quite a long time in a 4yo brain. The other night he said "Mommy can Cora Mae please please come out tomorrow. I need to snuggle her." haha. He already snuggles my belly something fierce trying to love on her and talk to her and he likes to pretend that it hurts when she kicks him. I hope she's prepared for lots of noise and love and BOY when she gets out of there because they are geared up and ready. 

Time for my final polling question. Many have told me that their 3rd was their fastest baby. For those with a 3rd, how far along were you when you went into labor and how fast was your delivery in relation to your others? 



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