30 Week Update | Baby #3

Time is flying crazy fast these days and I've hit the 30 week mark! This marker in pregnancy is always so crazy to me because it starts to hit how crazy crazy close we are to meeting baby. These last five weeks have been much less of a whirlwind as we've pecked away at unpacking and settling in and enjoying our new home and making a new normal. We are (as always) blown away by God's faithfulness in this transition. From the family (blood and church) who've helped us, to the new friends we've met in the neighborhood, to getting to enjoy living closer to people that we already knew as friends. We are so thrilled to be feeling as settled as we are already at this point in my pregnancy. We can't wait to bring sweet Cora Mae home here. 

CORA MAE | Our sweet girl is growing right on track. Last week at my ultrasound she was measuring right at 3.5 lbs which they said was 60th percentile. She's still positioned in her same comfy spot but has become quite expressive with her kicks and punches. The boys were both just constantly "ninja babies." I feel like she has more calm periods and then will randomly surprise me with lots of movement all at once. Developmentally at this point she's mainly going to be packing on weight and maturing all her organs that are already in place. She's around the size of a Summer Cantelope and I'm certainly seeing that and feeling that ha. I often bump into people or things with my bump because my brain hasn't adjusted to how much space I need to account for. Some gifts have started arriving for her and they're just so so sweet. While I'm in no hurry at all for this pregnancy to end, I'm getting more and more giddy at the thought of kissing her sweet face. Here's a picture of her from my most recent ultrasound. 

MOMMA | I am feeling really good overall. My back and hips have actually been feeling so much better now that unpacking has slowed down and I'm in a good rhythm with chiro every 2 weeks. Nesting has definitely kicked in full swing and it turns out that goes really well with moving ha. In the last two weeks I have seen some of my energy fading again and am being reminded that when I hit one of those days I have to take it easier than my normal. But at this point that's maybe 1-2 days out of the week so I really can't complain. So far my blood pressure has still been good and we're praying that it stays that way for a full term delivery. So if you pray, please join us in praying for a September baby and preferably a birth that comes naturally without induction. I am still absolutely loving pregnancy life and knowing that I only have 10 weeks left is bittersweet. I love feeling this little girl tumble in my tummy and seeing the boys get so excited to meet her. I've been prepping for what will hopefully be another minimal intervention delivery and have been reading Labor of Hope (Gloria Furman) and Ina May Gaskin's Guide to Childbirth. Here's a photo of me from our most recent beach day. I ordered this suit from Old Navy the day before our gender reveal never thinking I should wait a day just in case I wanted to add girl clothes to that order ha. That should tell you how convinced I was this baby was a boy. 

DADDY | Joel has still been hitting the house projects hard. He's painted the feature wall in the nursery and is currently in the process of completing the guest bedroom fix up and redoing the feature wall in our morning room area. He's of course had a buddy in the process. Ha. He finally got to feel some good kicks the other night and was reminded of just how cool that feeling is. He (like I) can't really wrap his head around how our dynamic will be with having a baby girl after being so into the boy life but I have a feeling it's going to involve him being wrapped around her little finger. In the meantime, he's being awesome with all my project requests and painting wishes... while he also squeezes in a couple more seminary classes before taking the late fall off after she's born. Here's a couple pictures of his projects in progress. 

BIG BROTHERS | Oh these two sure do love "Baby Sister Cora Mae." One of the first things Malachi does most mornings is point to my belly and talk about Baby Sister. He loves to look at the gifts she gets and say "for baby tister Tora Mae." It's quite adorable. Levi has started feeling kicks and is just so giddy about that. Every few days he asks about when she's going to come out and starts playing out what it will be like... "and I will hold her and love her and she will love me...." He's so ridiculously obsessed with her. He also informed us the other day that "after this baby, we will have another baby boy and a baby girl and then we will just have lots of babies." Haha. I hope he's right but we reminded him that we leave that up to Jesus to see what He decides... to which he responded "Well He's going to let me decide." haha. Oh Levi. He's also very concerned with making sure that she gets one of everything him and Malachi have..... like an XBox controller, a boogie board, a beach towel. haha. Here's a picture of them loving on Cora Mae from the beach the other day. 

Here's to prayerfully 7-10 more weeks of this beautiful and eventful pregnancy! 

Polling Question: What did you do to prepare for labor? Did you read any books? Take any classes? Or just wing it and go with it? 



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