25 Week Update | Baby #3

Another 5 weeks have flown by and they've sure been anything but normal. At 21 weeks we tearfully but excitedly moved out of the house we first called HOME. That 1300 sqft farmhouse had served us beautifully but it was time to expand as our family expands and get a more functional space for our family. We spent the next two weeks in VA with my family while awaiting closing on our new house and right in the middle of it our sweet Malachi turned TWO! It's crazy how big he's getting. At 23 weeks we returned back to DE and have been settling in our new home since. We had prepared ourselves that moving into a twin home in a lively neighborhood might take a while to adjust to after leaving the serenity and privacy of our farmhouse but honestly -- we adjusted right away! We are loving family walks around the neighborhood, the fenced in yard, the lack of bugs swarming us (our farmhouse was near the swamp), and getting to meet and enjoy having neighbors. We truly couldn't be more thrilled with our new HOME.  (photos of moving out and moving in -- the boys had actually never seen the new house until move in day so they were thrilled)

CORA MAE |  Our sweet girl seems to be progressing perfectly. She was estimated at 1.5 pounds last week at her growth scan which is normal. She has stubbornly stayed in the same spot my last two scans so they're still trying to check off all the items on the anatomy scan. It's quite funny to watch her move and squirm without ever leaving her little spot that she's chosen as her favorite. My app tells me that she's the size of a head of cabbage and that she's starting to taste foods. She goes wild moving around when I lay down at night. I truly never get over that feeling. She is one loved (and already spoiled) little lady that's for sure and we can wait to get to love all over her on the outside. Lots of family (especially Nana) have already done some clearance shopping for her and imagining her in those sweet dresses is just so precious. 
MOMMA |  I have been feeling overall great still. Some days if I overdo it with unpacking and such, my back and hips are screaming at me by bedtime but we are trying to pace ourselves and we've had lots of help thankfully so that's been happing less and less. We another month or so to get the normal stuff settled before we start hitting hard the guest room and the nursery so that is reassuring. I've been feeling like my bump is rather huge these days and my app affirmed that feeling by letting me know that my uterus is roughly the size of a soccer ball right now. HA. I'm sure soon I'll be able to watch her move in that big bump of mine and that will make it even sweeter. I'm loving getting to shop for girl clothes (especially with my momma while in VA) and pick out colors and patterns for her nursery. (Levi took this photo of "the tiny baby" the other day after we finished up dinner on the deck.) 

DADDY | Joel was in quite disbelief for longer than the rest of us. He wanted the ultrasound tech to do a confirmation check at this past ultrasound just to make sure. (She did -- definitely a girl.) He also already has a major soft spot for her and our friend with 3 girls has warned him that he's in for it. While shopping in VA he kept reminding me not to go crazy on the shopping. I wasn't concerned cause me and my mom headed straight for the clearance racks as usual and were getting items for $3-6 a piece. Joel comes in and walks straight to this little floral romper (not on clearance) and said "she's going to have to have that" haha. He proceeded to go to Bass Pro that day and getting a little shirt that said "my first fishing shirt." I like to remind him he picked out the two most expensive pieces she go that day. On a practical note he's been knocking out all the projects as we get settled and also managed to throw in a pancake breakfast so props to him even if doesn't shop clearance. 

BIG BROTHERS |  These two have been so so sweet about their Tiny Baby. Malachi loves to give her kisses and say "Baby Sister." He also loves to play his guitar and sing songs about Cora Mae. It's adorable and yes I have it on video. Levi still alternates between calling her Tiny Baby and Cora Mae. I love his recap of the moment he "had to take a big big bite and it was PINK." He's still in a hurry for her to come out and is quite curious about she's going to "pop out" -- lots of fun anatomy talks happening over here. Today Levi asked me if the baby could sleep in his bed with him. BAH. Need I say more. 

What a wild and exciting 5 weeks! 

Here's my polling question -- how open are you with big siblings about birth and the birthing process? (PS - if health circumstances didn't prevent me, I would totally have a home birth and gladly let my boys be present. Just curious how other people handle these curious questions with their kiddos :D )



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