20 Week Update | Baby #3

Well it surely has been an eventful week around here! I hit 20 weeks and we are halfway to meeting our baby GIRL. Yes -- you read that right. We are in absolute complete shock and also incredibly excited! On Tuesday I had my Level 2 Anatomy Scan. Since Joel couldn't accompany me and we really wanted the boys' reaction filmed, we decided to order cupcakes from my friend (who's seriously the best cupcake maker I know) and have her be the one fill them with blue or pink. Driving from the ultrasound to her house with the envelope in hand took the most self control I've needed in a long time. That only heightened shortly after when I then had delicious smelling cupcakes in my lap that also contained the news.  We finally made it home and had a couple friends join us to help celebrate, document, and FaceTime our families in. All of us (except for Malachi) were 100% convinced that it was another boy. That morning when I asked Malachi if he thought it was a boy or a girl he said, "Girl. Like Isla." (his best little girl friend) We truly were thrilled at the thought of having another boy and keeping the all boy life but complete shock and thrill came very quickly when we saw that PINK icing in the middle. Three days later and we are still like "wow, we're having a GIRL." Talk about singing "into the unknoooooown" haha. What a fun surprise. After 4 grandsons for my mom, 4 nephews for my sister, and 6 great-grandsons for my Grams, they are all beside themselves to welcome a little girl and buy lots of dresses and bows! 

CORA MAE | That's right our Tiny Baby has a name -- Cora Mae Miller. (Don't worry. Levi still calls her Tiny Baby most of the time.) Cora Mae is a name I've picked out for over 10 years after three of my maternal grandmothers: Lucy Mae - my Grams, Cora Faye- her mother and my "Mamaw Ray," and Romia Mae - my Papaw's mother and my "Mamaw Ship" (Her last name was Blankenship.) Before Joel and I were ever married I asked him what he thought of the name Cora Mae. His reply was "Cora Mae Miller. That has a nice ring to it." And there it was decided that our first daughter would be Cora Mae (double first name - no middle name). All that being said, our Cora Mae measured at 13oz this week and is right on track. She is twirling and kicking like crazy and my app says she's now growing hair -- I can't help but wonder what color it will be. Here's her sweet profile shot: 

MOMMA | The last few weeks I've been trying to balance resting and packing up our house and I'm still not sure I've found the happy medium ha. I find that I'm either completely depleted and unmotivated or incredibly motivated and regretting overdoing it at the end of the day. Thankfully I started back with the chiro last week and I'm already seeing improvement in my back and hip pain. Other than that I feel pretty great. Finding out this baby is a girl is one of the biggest shocks of my entire life but I am so giddy. My Mom, Sis, and Grams are three of my very best friends in life so to add another girl in that mix feels incredibly special. On a less serious note, I'm super excited to buy dresses and bows and do a floral nursery and get a break from the woodland animal theme ha. Here's me talking to my Mom and Sis right after we got the news: 

DADDY | Joel's words seconds after we saw PINK were "This changes everything." hahaha. This is a phrase he says in a card game we play all the time. Usually whatever he's talking about doesn't actually change anything, but it was quite humorous when he used it here. What's really funny is that when I was pregnant the first time Joel really really wanted a girl and was convinced we were having one. Now he's getting that Daddy's little girl he was dreaming about and I personally think he's going to be MUSH when it comes to her.  On a practical side he's doing all the heavy lifting around here -- literally. Our moving pod was delivered this week and he is loading it up preparing for move out day next Thursday. This was Joel coming in to get a look for himself on Tuesday: 

BIG BROTHERS | Oh boy, these two are a hoot. Levi was so sure this was a boy that he really didn't even want to discuss it possibly being a girl. He was very quiet when he first saw pink but his facial expressions were hilarious. He very quickly got smiling and said he was excited though. The next morning he came into my bed recapping all that had happened the night before and started talking about how he was going read with her and play toys with her how much he loved his baby sister. He said "she will be crazy on me and I will be crazy on her." haha -- not exactly sure what he means by that but my guess is crazy about instead of on. He loves to ask me if she's kicking right now and loves looking at all the new pictures of his Tiny Baby. He's also been carrying his baby doll around constantly and putting it up his shirt pretending he's pregnant or wearing the baby one. Melts me every time. Malachi had guessed girl like I said above. He loves snuggling my tummy and saying "baby. Cora Mae" he's practicing really hard to get her name down. He loves looking at pictures of any babies and then usually points to my tummy after. I'm pretty sure he's going to love being a big brother just like Levi. Here's pictures of them looking at the ultrasound photos and finding out about Baby Sister.

What a crazy, fun, awesome week! 

Here's my POLLING QUESTION: For those who have both genders, what is one big difference in raising boys and girls!? 



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